Leave Something Good In Every Single Day

"Leave something good in every day"
- Dolly Parton

Dolly has hit the mark, hasn't she? Leaving something good in every single day we are alive could seem like a lofty goal after the day you have had. A day can pass and quickly become 2 days, which if we are not careful, manifests into a week of intentionally wasting opportunities to do good. I believe it starts with slowing down and seeing tiny blossoms of beauty the world has to offer and then before you know it, your perspective moves away from your own disaster and onto others.

To leave good behind us, long after we are gone is profound and possibly the easiest idea in the world to forget. I can remember to scold you when you've hurt me. I can remember to put up a fence around my heart and make you feel rejected. I can remember to notice the flaws that make you imperfectly beautiful and better still- point them out. I can even remember what you have forgotten and remind you of your error. But can I remember to leave you feeling better than when we met? More often than not, my memory fails me and my human nature barricades my thoughts. For every one time that I remember to scold, retreat, ignore, criticize, blame and burden, I must not forget to be on the lookout for opportunities to share goodness times three. 

Remember, all we have is this one day we are given. Today is our only gift worth opening and never returning, tags attached. We are useful human beings with a human spirit that is capable of changing the entire day of another human being, simply by leaving some good behind. You are not likely to remember me when I do and that is OK. I'd rather be forgotten for doing good, then leave a bad taste in your mouth by not. Let's go into the world today and look for opportunities to ask: Can I help you today? Can I soothe a burn with my words? Can I calm a storm simply by listening as you work through the thunderous turmoil? Can I help you today?  Will you forgive today?
Love prospers when a fault is forgiven... can I let my love speak louder than my judgment today?

We cannot live as though tomorrow is already on the table. What we do know- is that we have this moment and I want to encourage anyone who reads this to use your moment for goodness. What happened yesterday is worlds away. What happens today, is still happening and isn't over yet. So let's get together and do some good for mankind. Leave your goodness behind when you go. It never runs out. The well will never run dry...


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