Keep Your Pool Perfectly Balanced with pHin #review

Thank you to pHin for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

For those of you who own a pool, you know that testing your water and maintaining your chemicals can be challenging. 

I have been lucky enough to test out the pHin. This innovative product was created by Justin Miller and Mark Janes, both experienced and successful entrepreneurs. The pHin allows any pool owner to access the pool chemical information through a mobile device.

 You plug this into an outlet to help transmit information. Ours happens to be in our kitchen which is closest to the pool.

Look how sleek it looks!

The setup process does not take long at all and the directions are very clear and by steps in the mobile app. If you're a busy pool owner or even one who may forget about manually testing your water, you need the pHin. 

This is what tests the pool water. 

It is small enough that it is not intrusive in any way in the water if people are swimming.

The app even tells you exactly what to add if the pool is not balanced. How easy!
Exactly what you want to always see.

If you still need some convincing or would like more information, check out this informative video on YouTube

Want it? Buy it!

The pHin without chemicals can be purchased for $299 on their website. A pHin with chemicals year round for chlorine or salt pools is $598 per year. A 4 month subscription for the pHin and chemicals is $408 a year.

Follow pHin on social media for all the updates and products. 

Let me know if you try it out! I know we are already in love with ours and are so excited to use it all season next year.

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