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Jumpstart Your Child's Education at Learning Steps Day Care & Preschool

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If you have little ones, you already know that sending them off to day care or preschool is a big decision and isn't to be taken lightly. There are many reasons to enroll a child in day care or preschool at an early age. My daughter is 17 months old, and my husband and I decided that we wanted to start her in school before the age her brother was when he started. We thought it would be better for her to get used to new surroundings, care givers, and social situations at a young age. Enrolling her in a local day school toddler class allows me to work from home, fully focused on my work two mornings a week. It also gives S the opportunity to enjoy playing with friends and learning from her wonderful teachers.

Learning Steps Day Care & Preschool is a new and clean facility that boasts a nurturing and supportive atmosphere filled with learning, exploration, and more!  
From our friends at Learning Steps Day Care & Preschool..
Here at Learning Steps, we want all of our students to feel safe, comfortable, and loved.  Not only do we work on academic growth, but we also strive for social and emotional competency as well, to ensure that all of our students leave here well-rounded, prepared for school and beyond! Our highly-qualified teachers follow a traditional routine schedule coupled with the Reggio Emilia philosophy of open exploration through structured play, hands-on activities, visual andlanguage arts, and more! Our teachers work on literacy, math, gross and fine motor skills, and even science, creating lesson plans based on our weekly themes. We also offer enrichment programs like yoga, dance, movement, and music.
Our program offers flexible hours for children aged 1-5 years old. We are available in the mornings and the afternoons to give tours of our facility. Stop by today! We are located at 544 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We look forward to seeing you!
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