Getting The Family A Little Closer To Nature

Technology, modern convenience, and civilization are pretty great. There’s no denying most of us would be living a much harder life if we were picked up from where we are and dropped back at just about any other point in history. However, many feel like we’re losing touch with the natural world, that we don’t connect enough with the environments around us. Given how those environments might very well be in danger, that could be true. If we got more in touch with our environment, we might be more inclined to protect it. So, what do we do to get our family much closer to nature?

Bringing it home
The first thing that most families can do is introduce a little more nature to the home and the family in general. Taking the time with your children to work in the garden, teaching them about how to look after different flowers, vegetables, and plants can give them a much better understanding and appreciation of not only what goes on our plates but what we like to look at. Plus, getting them out there makes it much lighter work for you and serves as a good chore to teach them some responsibility. If you don’t have much garden space, then consider vertical gardening or even simple indoor plants.

Going all out
If you’re looking for a place to move, then it might well worth considering the growing range of real estate that’s available on conservancy land. These are the kinds of homes that are surrounded with acres and acres of plush forest land, lakes, even mountain ranges. Here, the opportunities to go out with the kids, to see the wild up close and truly experience nature is more than worth the value of the home. There are plenty of these areas with growing communities where families get plots close together, so you don’t have to worry that the family is going to be isolated, either. Many of them also have amenities like mountain biking, hiking trails, and even helicopter rides in the nearby area, so you can always keep it varied and fun.

Getting involved
If you don’t live right beside such areas, then perhaps you might want to take your kids out to them instead. One of the best ways to do that, and to help them really connect and learn about their impact on the natural world is to get them involved with green volunteering efforts. There are groups that look after areas of natural beauty just about anywhere and most of them are happy to take on families in their efforts to preserve some of our most beautiful and delicate ecosystems. After all, educating people on what we can do for our environment is as important for them as it is for you.
Being close to natural beauty has more than an emotional or aesthetic benefit. It promotes better fitness, a broader base of knowledge, and a sense of our responsibility for how we impact the land around us. Most of us should want that for our family.

What are your favorite ways to get the family out in a natural setting and enjoying your surroundings?

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