Family Road Trips: The Ultimate Vacation


A family vacation is a wonderful way to bond, have fun and explore together, injecting a sense of adventure and dynamism to your family life. While many of us are quick to hop on a plane and explore the country and the world by air, it’s surprising how few families opt for the good old fashioned family road trip. Road trips are a great way to explore as a family and because you’re in complete control of your itinerary you have the flexibility to tailor a vacation entirely to your own needs. Sharing driving duties with your partner (or the older kids) takes the effort out of the whole enterprise and makes the whole thing much safer. If you’re towing a trailer you can have great accommodation wherever you go.

Safety First

If you own or are renting your own truck and trailer, you’ll need to ensure that it’s well suited to the terrain you’ll be traversing. If you need replacement air lift suspension that’s equal to the job you can find it right here; You should also ensure that you have appropriate tires for the weather and terrain (i.e. if you’ll be driving somewhere icy and snowy). It’s important to have regular stops and rotate drivers as often as possible for safety and to prevent the kids from getting too bored while you drive. If your kid is under the age of 5, make sure you have a baby car seat for him installed in your car. If you don’t have one try using Mothercare promo codes, where you can find the car seat for your kid at discounted rates.Aside from the common sense safety implications, road trips are a wonderful treat for the whole family.

Save money

Flights (particularly international flights) don’t come cheap, nor does hotel accommodation. When you tow your hotel behind you, the savings speak for themselves. Especially if you’re travelling with several kids. Even domestic flights for a family of four or more can cost thousands of dollars and seriously eat into your travel budget. Removing this expense can allow you to enjoy spending your money more elsewhere while on the road.


You can pack what you want, not what you need

Packing for a vacation is a pain that most of us can do without, but when you’re road tripping, packing is less of an issue. Few parents travel light (especially if they’re travelling with very young kids). Because you’ll be spending a lot of time on the road (not in the sky) you’re no longer obliged to make difficult decisions on what you’ll be able to take with you and be free to pack whatever you want.

You’re in complete control

Road trippers are not beholden to departure times and their plans aren’t capsized by flight delays. When you and your family travel on the road you’re in total control of your journey and can stop, detour and divert as the mood takes you. Want to take a moment to appreciate some beautiful scenery? No problem! Feel the need to stop for a coffee? Well, that’s easy too.This freedom takes a lot of the stress and panic out of travelling without compromising on the sense of fun and adventure.

So the next time you’re planning your family vacation… Consider taking it on the road.

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