A Healthy Snack for Busy Families: GoGo Squeez #review #MBPBacktoSchool

Thank you to GoGo Squeeze for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

 GoGo Squeez has been making healthy, on-the-go snacks since 2008. It is the company's goal to provide healthy alternatives for busy families. They have over 20 different types! These include yogurt, fruit and veggie mixes, and applesauce. 

Hendrix enjoying a Berry Yogurt GoGo Squeez out to dinner. 

If you have not tried these, you must. Not only does Hendrix enjoy them, but his older cousins still enjoy them as a healthier snack that fits into their busy schedules. 

Want it? Buy it!

Most of the GoGo Squeez products can be found at any local grocery or retailer. They have different flavors of applesauce: Apple Raspberry Lemon Twist, Apple Pumpkin Spice, Apple Apple, and Apple Banana, Apple Berry, Apple Mango, and a few others. 

If you're interested in in the yogurt, they have Blueberry Yogurtz, Strawberry Yogurtz, Berry Yogurtz, and Banana Yogurtz. 

Might Mango, Boulder Berry, Great'Full Grape, Organic Boulder Berry, and Pedal Pedal Peach are some of the fruit and veggie combinations. 

You can buy 48 pouches of Apple Strawberry Applesauce for $22.72 on Amazon. Apple Sweet Potato pouches run $36.37 for 48 pouches on Amazon

For as much as we all pay for other snacks that are not as healthy, these are definitely worth the money. 

Check out GoGo Squeez's history and product information on their website

Let me know what flavors your kid likes most!

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