5 Perfect for Fall Recipes- #FiveForFriday

The fall weather has finally arrived in Connecticut. With temperatures in the mid to upper 80s over the last few days, I felt forsaken by my favorite season, which technically "arrived" last week. I love fall and everything that comes along with it- cozy sweaters, warm boots, pumpkin and apple picking, fire pits, and my personal favorite: COMFORT FOOD!

Even though I love cooking and baking any time of the year, once fall hits, I go into overdrive. I'm making more soups and stews, more hearty dishes, and of course more desserts. 
I love using pumpkin, apple, and many of the spices one would associate with fall, but I don't go overboard. Most of the cooking I do in fall involves ingredients you can find and use all year round.

Here is a list of 5 recipes, found right here on Mommy's Block Party, that I think are perfect for fall.


1. Pasta e Fagioli- We eat this year round, but my most favorite time of year to eat it is in the fall. Even though it's a meatless meal, it's so filling and delicious. Made with broth, beans, diced tomatoes, celery, garlic, onions, pasta, pepper, and parsley, this is a great meal for a busy night!

2. Pumpkin Stew- We tried this on a fluke last year, after R came home singing a song about it. We loved the meal, but if you could find the acorn squash and pumpkin already peeled and cut up, I highly recommend it! 

3. Homemade Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons- Ondria shared this recipe a couple of years ago and I have to say, it is amazing. D is a huge tomato soup fan, and we all love this recipe! 

4. Crockpot Chicken Burritos- Made right in the slow cooker with 5 ingredients (chicken breast, frozen corn, jar of salsa, black beans, and taco seasoning), this meal couldn't be any easier to prepare. It's perfect for a night when you will be busy running kids to sports, or in our case, running back and forth to school because of play rehearsals. 

5. Muddy Buddies- We can't forget the dessert! I've been dying to try this recipe and haven't gotten around to it just yet. I'm hoping to make a batch this weekend! 

What are some of your favorite fall recipes? Let us know by leaving a comment. If you have a recipe you'd like to share, we'd love to try it out!

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