When Work and Family Combine

I spend so much time at work, that all of the people there have become family.  Saturday was our family fun day function and normally I would sit out but I decided it was important to go.  It will be the last hurrah for Ethan before he starts his junior year of high school and my home family gets to see who I spend my days with.

The highlight was getting our faces painted like we were all little kids. 

Pardon the look on my face... I have super sensitive skin and it was starting to itch.

We even got daddy to do it. 

Ethan and his too big for this attitude, but he still got his face painted.

While this may look silly and we acted silly all day, I needed my professional and personal world to collide.  This day provided a great way for meeting new people, forgetting ourselves, and allowing for memories to last a lifetime... I got the pictures to prove it. 

For those starting school this week what are you doing this last weekend of summer vacation?

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