When the Sun Sets

It's been a fantastically chaotic summer for the Wigglesworth household. There has been such a great amount of insanity over the past few weeks, that despite all of the absolute awesomeness we've also experienced, when we had "one more thing go wrong" last week, I lost all of my patience and kind of exploded. 
Let me start off by saying, everything is absolutely fine...NOW.
The insanity started with my Gram getting into a car accident one day and my youngest nephew going to the hospital the very next day. Both family members are okay, but because I was trying so hard not to freak out, I guess I didn't really notice the stress that was caused from being so absolutely petrified about those two incidents. 

Add in the stress from not sleeping well (for the last few weeks), starting a new job, hardly ever seeing my husband because he is always at work, and trying my best to make sure my daughters are enjoying their summer, and you get the gist of how I was feeling last week. One day in particular, Matt came home much later than I had expected and the girls (for the second night in a row) decided they were "full" after not even taking 3 bites of dinner. 

I lost all of it! Whatever bit of sanity I might have been holding onto... GONE. The girls were sent to bed early, no sleepover that night, and when Matt finally got home, I left. I just got in my car and drove, with no particular destination in mind. I ended up going to a local grocery store and just sitting in the car until I was bored enough to go home (roughly 30 minutes, I'm kind of lame). I ended up irritated for the rest of the evening, nothing got resolved, and the sun set.

The next morning, I decided to let go of the trouble from the day before. The sun had not just set on that day, but on those problems as well. This morning, when the sun came up, it brought with it a new day with new possibilities and I was going to embrace them.

It's not always easy, life is not always full of rainbows and butterflies. It is, however, full of new days and new chances. Take them. When the sun sets on the day, let it take with it whatever troubles it held.

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