What keeps me going? #Motivational Monday

This summer has been difficult, we've experienced death, sickness and hardship. Before having my daughters, I tended to easily slip into depression. Keeping my family close to me always reminds me that I have so much to be appreciative of and I have to strive to be my best self for them. Here's some special moments helped to keep me going over the past week.

Cousin cuddles
I caught this special picture of my nephew comforting my older daughter while watching tv together. I remember when he was small and I would hold him while he fell asleep, it's hard to believe he's grown so fast!

Silly Smiles
She got to her sister's seat first! She thought she was so clever : ) of course, big sister didn't find it too amusing. No worries she was placed in her car seat shortly after her photo op.

Tea Parties
Yes, our apartment looks like a tornado came through but there's always time for a tea party.

 New Additions
I had my first ultrasound this pregnancy! This little bean has made me more sick then either of my girls, seeing that healthy heartbeat made it all worth it. 

~I hope that everyone has a wonderful week full of smiles and love~

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