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Toot! Toot! All Aboard! Celebrate Tweetsie Railroad's 60th Anniversary!

Thank you to Tweetsie Railroad for providing me with complimentary tickets in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

If you live in North Carolina or surrounding states, a visit to Tweetsie Railroad is a must! It was one of the activities/day trips on our summer bucket list this year because Tweetsie is celebrating their 60th anniversary! Everyone around NC has either been to Tweetsie Railroad or has at least heard of it. I didn't spend my younger years growing up in NC, so I was much older by the time I learned of its existence. We've taken B to Tweetsie twice before, and he has loved the wild west theme park! When we told him that we'd be making a special trip back to Tweetsie this summer, he jumped for joy, and couldn't wait to share a wild west adventure with his baby sister for the first time.

Parking at Tweetsie is easy & free!

The theme park’s 60th Anniversary season offers all of the fun and excitement that have made it into a treasured North Carolina tradition for generations, along with new events for 2017 that both returning and first-time guests are sure to love.

Special events for the whole family are planned for 2017 at Tweetsie Railroad, including Day Out With Thomas™, the July Fourth Fireworks Extravaganza, K-9s In Flight Frisbee® Dogs and the Ghost Train®. For the first time, Tweetsie Railroad will extend its nighttime operations on Friday and Saturday evenings from November 24 through December 30, when guests can delight in Tweetsie Christmas, a brand new event celebrating the joy of the holidays. 

Throughout the season at Tweetsie Railroad, guests will experience a one-of-a-kind Wild West adventure when they hop aboard a train pulled by one of Tweetsie Railroad’s historic steam locomotives and enjoy a scenic and exciting ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visitors can also explore the theme park’s authentic Western town, enjoy amusement rides, take in live shows and entertainment, pan for gold, and visit the animals at the Deer Park Zoo.

Stopping for a few photos, riding horses and hopping onto the stagecoach!

Sweet smiles from two kids who are excited to explore Tweetsie Railroad!

When we entered the park, we followed the stroller paths to get to the main open area. This is where you can rent strollers for the day, use the restrooms, enjoy rocking in rocking chairs on a covered porch, and where the kids can jump onto the stationary horses, wagons, and stagecoaches for photos. There are also several shops in this area, offering souvenirs, snacks, and more! Across from the shops, are the train tracks and the Tweetsie train, which runs several times a day through out the park.

These youngin's got locked up in the Tweetsie Jail for bad behavior along with their daddy. Good thing Sheriff Mommy was in a good mood and decided to let them out!

It's always so much fun to walk through the shops at Tweetsie. The kids were wide-eyed as they looked over toys, cowboy hats, and lots of pirate goodies. B was excited to buy a pretend pirate's pistol as his Tweetsie treat for the day. The shops also offer gifts and collectibles for adults, as well as Tweetsie apparel, and more.

I knew that B was especially eager to ride the rides at Tweetsie. There are two main areas of the park which offer rides. We made our way up the big hill, walked beyond the Feed & Seed, turned the corner at the chair lift, and headed straight for The Country Fair. B couldn't wait to get onto the tilt-a-whirl!

So excited to head to The Country Fair and check out the rides!

The Country Fair has all sorts of fun rides for kids of all ages, including a carousel, Ferris wheel, tilt-a-whirl, race cars, helicopters, etc. It also offers snack areas, carnival games, and an open air arcade. We knew that Baby S would be too little to ride the majority of the fair rides at Tweetsie, but we took her on the ones that she was allowed to ride (no height restrictions), and that we felt she would enjoy.

The carousel is always everyone's favorite ride!

We love the carousel at Tweetsie. It's a small carousel, and it's very gentle. You can ride one of the horses, or you can just sit on one of the benches and go round and round without having to go up and down. Baby S loves riding the carousel, and of course, so did B. We rode the carousel several times during our visit to Tweetsie.

Other fun rides near the carousel at The Country Fair- the tilt-a-whirl and Ferris wheel.

I couldn't convince B to ride the Ferris wheel with me, which I was bummed about. I actually really wanted to ride it. We did, however, take a ride on the tilt-a-whirl. I rode it twice with B, and Sacha rode it with him 10+ times. I lost count after the tenth time. B loved it so much, he just wanted to ride it over and over again. We did have to make him take breaks to ride other rides, drink some water, and go to the potty. Otherwise, the kid would have stayed in the same place all day, just to keep riding the same ride.

B's favorite ride at Tweetsie's Country Fair.

Action shot of B and me, enjoying spinning around and around on the tilt-a-whirl at Tweetsie.

The arcade called to Baby S, and it was honestly a great place to step into and enjoy some shade while Sacha and B went on the race cars. There were tons of arcade games to look at (lots of blinking lights), cool sounds to hear, and space to walk around. There were change machines located within the arcade area, which allowed you to get change for the games. The games did give out tickets, which could be exchanged for prizes at the arcade counter.

Super fun arcade games at Tweetsie give guests a break from the sun.

Baby S wants to win an arcade prize in the worst way!

The Tweetsie race cars are so much fun to drive. Tip- kids have to be tall enough & able to work the brake and gas pedals by themselves to ride without an adult.

We spent a good portion of our morning at Tweetsie enjoying the fair rides. The boys rode the race cars around the track that loop around this section of The Country Fair several times. We made our way to the upper area of the fair to check out some of the other rides, which are geared toward older kids and adults.

Another favorite ride- the TORNADO!

B wasn't interested in riding many of the rides in the upper area of the Country Fair, but he did want to try out the TORNADO. This ride lifts up, and riders have to spin the wheel to make their seats turn while the ride is spinning. B rode with his dad to get the fastest and best spinning action possible. I rode it with him once and got complaints that I wasn't going fast enough. This ride is really fun and fast! B and Sacha rode this one five or six times, and since the park wasn't overly crowded the day we visited (because there was a good threat of rain and storms), they were able to ride it many times in a row without having to get off of the ride. Lucky ducks! S and I just watched the two spin around and around... I was dizzy just from watching them! They had such a fun time, though, and it was a good bonding experience for the two of them, as they had to work together to spin their seats.

View of The Country Fair from the hill leading up to Miner's Mountain, where more rides and attractions are located.

The Country Fair is just one area of the Tweetsie park. Miner's Mountain also offers fun rides, attractions, food, and more. The best way to get up the mountain is by riding the chair lift. We didn't feel comfortable taking Baby S on the chair lift. She is so squirmy! We could have waited for the Tweetsie shuttle to drive us up to the top, but we opted to take a walk up the big hill instead.

The Tweetsie Twister was first on the agenda once we got to Miner's Mountain!

Miner's Mountain has lots of fun rides. There are a variety of rides for the little ones, a fabulous Deer Park, a gold/gem mining station, places to eat, shop, and more. We rode a few rides, enjoyed the playground, and even took in a magic show at the Tweetsie Depot!

Miner's Mountain offers up tons of fun!

B wanted to get his face painted, so we treated him to having his cheek painted with the Batman symbol.

Tweetsie offers lots of face painting options, glitter tattoos, and more! The prices were quite reasonable, though you might want to consider the temperature before spending more money on a full face painting. B sweat most of his cheek painting off by the end of the day, as it was in the 80's and the sun was hot, hot, hot!

The magic show at Tweetsie Depot was a lot of fun!

It was nice to sit down and take a break from walking every now and then. Tweetsie offers various shows through out the day, which are fun for the whole family to enjoy. Sit down and cool off while laughing your head off or being wowed by a little railroad magic!

Lunch at the Feed & Seed

We worked up a pretty big appetite, so we walked back down the mountain and headed to the Feed & Seed, where we enjoyed our lunch. Tweetsie does allow you to bring in food and beverages, but it was easier for us to just go ahead and purchase our lunch at the park this time. There were lots of options like pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, etc. The kids had pizza, and hubby and I opted for hot dogs/corndogs.

A chili dog and yummy chips made for a great lunch at the Feed & Seed, our favorite place to eat at Tweetsie!

After we enjoyed our lunch and had cooled off, we were ready to ride the train. If you're not super familiar with Tweetsie Railroad, take a few minutes to check out their railroad history. It's pretty fascinating. You can also check out Tweetsie Railroad's Trains before your visit! We love riding the trains at Tweetsie. It's a great way to relax and see the park while interacting with the Tweetsie Railroad cast of characters. Cast members from the Tweetsie Railroad Wild West Show hop on board the train and ride along with the passengers. The sheriff even has a special gift for each child passenger on the train at the end of the show!

Baby S is all smiles as she enjoys her first Tweetsie Railroad train ride.

We love riding the rails at Tweetsie! The steam engine runs on coal and gives passengers an open air ride through the mountainside at Tweetsie Railroad. Along the way, passengers will meet all sorts of characters, including outlaws, Native Americans, the sheriff, deputies, and more! Enjoy the 'show' as the characters battle it out along the trails. The train ride and show are always highlights of the visit to Tweetsie for its guests. Guests can ride the train as many times as they like. It's a wonderful way to relax for about 25 minutes, in the shade, and enjoy the sights and sounds of Tweetsie Railroad.

A scene from the live show at Tweetsie.

After we enjoyed our train ride, we walked back up the hill to ride the Country Fair rides a few more times. B just couldn't get enough of the tilt-a-whirl. We also stopped into Fudge Works so sample some of Tweetsie's famous homemade fudge (you can watch them make the fudge while you shop for treats), and to select a few chocolate treats to take home. B chose a chocolate covered marshmallow stick, and I chose a dark chocolate walnut cluster. Hubby indulged in a white chocolate peanut butter cup. Yum! Explore all of the wonderful snack areas and places to eat at Tweetsie Railroad.

B enjoys the train in one of the Tweetsie shops before we head home for the day.

We always have an incredible time at Tweetsie Railroad. It's become a tradition for our family to visit the park each spring/summer. For little ones who really love trains and the Wild West, this park will light up their world. Baby S loved her first visit to Tweetsie, and we can't wait to go back so she can enjoy it all over again next summer!

Want to go? Plan your visit to Tweetsie Railroad!

Tickets and Golden Rail Season Passes are available for purchase now at Tweetsie.com. A season pass is a great and economical way to enjoy family fun at Tweetsie Railroad. Guests can enjoy Wild West action, rides, live shows, free parking on July 4th and more all season long at a pre-season rate of $100 for adults and $65 for children ages 3 through 12. After April 9, rates increase to $110 for adults and $75 for children. Children 2 and under are always admitted free.

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Looking for a place to stay near Tweetsie?

Check out the beautiful Meadowbrook Inn in downtown Blowing Rock, NC. Just a few miles down the road from Tweetsie Railroad, the Meadowbrook Inn is the perfect place for families to stay as they enjoy all that Blowing Rock has to offer.

Special thanks to Tweetsie Railroad for hosting us for a visit. We can't wait to go back!

Have you ever been to Tweetsie Railroad? 
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