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Thank you to Ventev for providing me products for my honest review. All thoughts are my own. 

In 2014 we welcomed a beautiful baby boy, one that was opinionated and stubborn from day one. As new parents, to this colicky baby, we learned very quickly that we needed time alone to be rejuvenated. My husband wanted to go camping at his favorite spot in the Great Smoky Mountains, I knew he needed to get away and our son was five months old so of course, I could handle things. Then our little boy got really sick and I couldn't reach my husband. His signal was low on his cell phone which had caused his battery to lose power quickly. Without access to electricity, his phone died and he only knew that something was wrong but had no way to charge his phone. How I wish we would have had the powercell 3015c by Ventev back then!

Ventev is the maker of many solutions for all of your wireless and mobile needs. They make convenient products that improve the newest mobile device technologies as well as many products to improve wireless technology. With the many products that Ventev has to offer, I have tried the Ventev powercell, micro USB chargestand, and the chargesync cords.  

The powercell by Ventev charges quickly through a USB cord. The amount of charge can be checked at the top of the device with a click of a button. With two kiddos we are constantly on the go so I charged the powercell for 10 minutes which gave me roughly a 50% charge, threw it in my purse and headed out the door. It has been a lifesaver when our infant wants to eat and the three-year old needs entertaining. Hello, educational games on the cell phone! With the constant drain on my cell battery, the powercell has been amazing to plug in and get a quick charge on my phone. I am no longer worried about preserving the battery life on my phone with the powercell in my purse.

Lights indicating battery life of the powercell. 
I love how thin the powercell is! It fits in the side pocket of my purse and I can't tell any difference in additional weight added to my purse. Such a relief to know that I have this as an emergency backup or on those days that I was too tired to remember to charge my phone. 

Ventev Chargesync Micro USB charger

We also loved the Ventev chargestand micro USB charger. It was perfect for charging my husband's iPod as well as various toddler technology toys on the go. I enjoy the chargestand for its ability to have my hands-free while working on strength training with various fitness apps.

The powercell 3015c is a 3000mAh portable battery with built-in Apple Lightning cable. Features an on/off button with LED battery indicator light and provides 12 additional hours of talk time.

Ventev has other great products available through their website. We were equally as impressed by their chargesync cords for its clean design and durability. We are excited to try out some of their phone cases and screen protectors as well! 

Want it? Get it?

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Special thanks to Ventev for allowing us to try out their amazing products! 


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