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As Baby S grows, I often try to remember what my son B was like at the different ages and stages S has recently gone through. S is 16 months old, and she is such a hoot! She and B are completely different. S is wild, whereas B is very cautious. They do share many similarities, though, especially their love for exploration. At this toddler stage of S' life, we're having a lot of fun playing and learning through play. We're discovering some (new to S) old friends and favorite characters, and there is one lovable furry red friend that stands out above the rest.

B loved Elmo when he was a toddler. In fact, we watched the same Elmo movie every day for several months. I still know all of the words to those silly songs. S is enamored with Elmo, and why wouldn't she be? Elmo is sweet, caring, and so friendly! S loves to pal around with her little Elmo plush toy, and soak in all the Elmo she can get!

Our new favorite game- Elmo's World Hide & Seek by Identity Games (plush not included).

We've love playing simple games with Baby S, especially hide and seek. Meaning, she loves to hide under a blanket and for us to 'find' her. With a new favorite game geared toward little ones ages 6 mo+, everyone can get in on the classic game with some new twists, and a familiar friend! Elmo's World Hide & Seek is a new take on a well-loved game from Identity Games, Miffy Hide & Seek. This adorable game is perfect for kids of all ages, offering different ways to play, so the game grows with your child. 

 Elmo's World Hide & Seek comes packaged in a cute tin and includes a 'talking' Elmo game figure, clue cards, and a booklet with various ways to play the game.

Elmo's World Hide & Seek is not only fun, it's completely adorable! We have an Elmo-loving niece who just turned two years old, and this game is on my must purchase list for her Christmas gift. Since the game comes so nicely packaged in the cute little tin, it's perfect for gifting, as is. The game comes with a talking Elmo figure, which requires batteries. It also comes with an instruction booklet and prompts for different ways to play for various ages. The clue cards are easy for little ones to pick up and turn over and feature recognizable household items that will easily be found in any home.

 Baby S turns over a clue card and is soon on the hunt for books, with Elmo at her side.

Right now, our favorite way to play is by using the clue cards to help develop Baby S' vocabulary. She is learning lots of new words every day, and the clue cards with simple pictures of items she recognizes help her to be able to recall the word that matches the picture. After S speaks the word, she and Elmo set off to find the item on the card, often bringing the item back to me or daddy (sometimes brother, too). We offer praise and cheers as S excitedly brings us the objects shown on the cards. I don't even mind when she brings me my purse and then proceeds to take all of the cards out of my wallet.

 S loves hearing Elmo speak, and loves looking at all of the clue cards.

There are so many fun ways to play this cute game. We love to 'hide' Elmo around the living room, and then listen for his voice as we try to find him. S also loves to hide Elmo in her favorite spot- underneath the couch! As S grows, we'll be able to play using the clue cards. Even big bro B loves to get in on the 'seeking' action and help S find Elmo.

Here's a look at the cute Elmo game figure, and some of the clue cards.

This game is so much more than just a toddler game to us. It's a fabulous tool for me to use as I help S expand her vocabulary, and we work on everyday growth and development at every stage from toddler through the preschool years. The fact that this game is geared toward ages 6 mo+ and grows with your child makes it such a worthwhile purchase. It's the gift that keeps on giving and will offer tons of fun through play and loads of learning.

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Head on over to Identity Games to check out all of the fun games for families. Purchase Elmo's World Hide & Seek on Amazon for just $19.99.

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Special thanks to Identity Games for allowing me to share about this wonderful game and for offering this fun giveaway for our readers. Look for Elmo's World Hide & Seek in our 2017 Back to School Guide.

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  1. I would share it with my good friend who is pregnant.

  2. My son watches Sesame Street. Elmo is his favorite. He also likes the Cookie Monster.

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  4. I would share this game with my son.

  5. I would share this game with my granddaughter

  6. I would give this game to a family friend. He use to be my step brother, but a divorce occurred. However, he had a son a few months back... so this would be perfect for them to use when he gets a bit older.

  7. There are three kids under 4 in my life who would like this

  8. I would share this cute game with my granddaughter, Nellie.


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