Slim wallets for all! #Kinzd

Thank you to Kinzd for supplying products for me to review. All thoughts are my own. 

I will admit that I like wallets and bags. I have more wallets and bags than I could ever possibly use. I always purchase another one in hopes that I'll find the perfect wallet or bag to fit my needs. Bags are easy for me, but wallets? Every store has a customer card and I can't carry all of them in a standard wallet. That is why I love Kinzd slim wallets!

Kinzd was founded in 2012. It is a small business out of Hong Kong and was named after a puppy, Kinzd that always found a way to destroy anything leather. The founders of Kinzd had several goals in mind--to create an affordable quality slim wallet while giving amazing customer service. 

Men's trifold wallet.

My husband is really picky about his wallets. He likes slim wallets that hold a lot of items but durable enough to withstand constant usage. He is very pleased with the trifold wallet and says that it is not as bulky as other wallets that he has carried in the past but can carry more cards.

I have to agree that the women's Accordion Wallet is amazing when it comes to how many cards it can hold! I can get all of my store customer cards and have room for change. For a mom with multiple diaper bags, this is a game changer as I can just toss the wallet in my current bag of the week (or day) and head out the door!

Women's Accordion Wallet 
Both of the wallets we received are made with soft sturdy high-quality genuine leather and RFID blocking ability to prevent your card numbers from being stolen. Wallets also have a 6-month guarantee with incredible customer service. 

Women's Accordion Leather Credit Card Holder Wizard Wallet 2 Zipper RFID 13 Slots

With the Holidays in just a few short months, Kinzd wallets and other fabulous products would make a great gift! 

Want it? Get it! 

Visit Kinzd to order your new wallet. 
You can also connect on Facebook!

Special thanks to Kinzd for allowing me to review these amazing products! 


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