Seasonal Gift Giving Made Simple

With fall fast approaching, there is a lot going on in most schedules. School is starting back up again; the kids have more extracurricular activities on the calendar; work is getting busier now that everyone is back from holidays, and there’s a lot to do around the house to get ready for the worse weather that winter usually brings. Add in all the special occasions, holidays and events that happen at this time of year and everyone’s schedules are a bit overwhelmed. With so little extra time in a day, gift giving at this time of year can be an added stressor. Everyone knows that the hardest part about gift giving is coming up with the ideas, so here are some suggestions to make your seasonal gift giving a whole lot easier.  

Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are a classic gift at all times of the year. In the fall, however, they get even more special as the products available are top notch and the decoration ideas endless. Think about pairing fruity jams with freshly baked bread, mulled cider with granny smith apples and a pie recipe or delicious cheese with a tasty local wine. Get some helpful advice on how to put together a great wine basket from Add creative touches like potpourri, little gourds or leaves to make your basket stand out. Don’t forget the pumpkin spice! Be creative, and your gift is sure to be well received.
Teacher Gifts
Back to school is an important time of year for your little ones and making the right first impression with a teacher can set the tone for the whole year. Rather than joining the rest of the class in giving gifts at the end of the year, thank the teacher for all the hard work they’ve done over their summer holiday to prepare for a great year ahead by giving a gift at the start of the school year. Though gift giving is harder if you don’t know the teacher very well, try some fall-scented bath and body products. After all, everyone needs hand soap!
Decorative Pieces
Nothing says fall like a decorative table display made of leaves, gourds and festive additions. Centerpieces make great hostess gifts, especially if you’ve been invited over for Thanksgiving dinner. Be creative and economical by including items that are reusable after the main event - vegetables that can be eaten, sprigs of thyme for cooking or mason jars that can be later used in canning. These centerpieces make great gifts that keep on giving.
Tickets to the Homecoming Game
Nothing says fall like Homecoming and at this time of year, going to a game is even more enjoyable. In the NFL, teams often commemorate Homecoming with ceremonies that honor past and current players who have excelled in their careers, but even your local college team will be doing something special. Halftime shows will be extravagant and exciting, making tickets to a game a great gift. Sports, entertainment and a sense of community – is there a better combination for a good time?

BBQ Essentials
There’s something about the fall weather that just lends itself to BBQing. Maybe it is knowing that winter will soon arrive and the lower temperatures make standing outside less appealing, but the falling leaves bring about a vision of being wrapped up in a cozy sweater eating steak from the grill. After a long summer season of using the BBQ, many of your accessories may be tired or in need of replacing. The fall months are an excellent time of year to give BBQ tools and accessories as gifts. Go and check out the selection at your local store or visit for some ideas.
Pies, pies, pies
Pies are a great gift in the fall season. With so much fresh produce – both sweet and savory – there is no shortage of fillings you can add to fall pies. There are so many flavor options and combinations that it is easy to be creative and stand out from the crowd when it comes to great baking. Pies make particularly great gifts if you have a lot of gifts to give but are short on time because you can mass produce ten pies without that much more effort than it would take to make one. Plus, who doesn’t love pie?
Don’t let your busy calendar cause undue stress – there are plenty of ideas to make gift giving at this time a year a breeze. Be creative and use the season to inspire you.

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