Money Making Tips For Stay At Home Moms

Being a mom is a full-time job, but it’s one that doesn’t guarantee you a paycheck at the end of every month. Of course, there are other rewards in the role, but who doesn’t want to earn some extra money from time to time to supplement the family income. Well, we have some great news. It is possible to earn money without ever leaving your front door. So, without sacrificing the needs of your children, here are some great money making ideas you might find useful.

Write a blog

Everybody seems to have a blog these days, on all kinds of different topics. Some of them focus on a niche, such as parenting or a particular hobby, and others cover a whole range of subjects. As you can see from our blog here at, our contributors cover everything from fitness to travel. So if you have a talent with the written word and have something to say to the world, then consider giving it a go. You can make money from sponsored advertisers and services such as Google AdSense while letting your voice be heard.

Be a savvy shopper

There are some incredible deals online, such as the fantastic offers at Buy something at a reduced price, such as a refurbished IPad, and make a profit by selling it at a higher price on Amazon or eBay. Of course, you will need to compete with other sellers, so price up similar items.

Begin an online store

It’s relatively easy to set up a website these days, and this is a great way to sell your stuff. We have already mentioned a way you can make a profit by selling items you have picked up online, but there are other options. There may be items in your home you no longer need, so sell them from your site instead of giving them away to charity. You might even consider setting yourself up in business and sell products you have made yourself. This can be risky, but take a look the article on if this is something you are interested in.

Become a freelance writer

If the idea of writing your own blog interested you, then there are other ways you can sell your writing. All you need is a PayPal account to get you started, and a talent for writing interesting articles. You can sell your work on websites such as, and you can set your own prices for your work. The longer the article is, the more money you could effectively charge. Often, freelancers act as ghost writers for other bloggers, so you may not always get the credit for what you write. However, there are plenty of websites who will promote your name and work, so it’s worth doing some research. Make sure you set up a website to showcase your work, as this can act as a portfolio to encourage others to hire your services.

Have a yard sale

Rather than selling your stuff online, you could also have a good old fashioned yard sale. Put signs up in local store windows, put flyers through people’s doors, and post news of your sale on social media. Make extra cash by getting rid of anything that is cluttering up your house, but be careful of bargain hunters like you. Go through your belongings, and price them up online to see if anything is worth more money than you would initially expect. That tatty old candlestick your Great Aunt left you in her will may be gathering dust, but it could be an antique!

Get paid to shop

Sites such as will give you cash back for shopping online. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Simply buy from your favourite online stores, such as Amazon and Walmart, and Ebates will give you a share of the commission they make by promoting the retailer on their site.

Complete surveys

While you won’t get paid a fortune, there are websites such as who will pay you money for completing surveys and making use of special offers. You can even trial products from other companies, and complete a survey about them. You can often keep the item in question, and make some extra money to boot.

Be a mystery shopper

Ever wanted to go undercover and be a secret agent? Well, now you can. Sort of! Working for a company such as, you will get paid to visit designated stores, make notes about customer service and the general tidiness of the store, and send your feedback to the site. You will often be required to make a purchase, but you will get reimbursed, and make a little money in the process. Hat and shades are entirely optional!

Look after animals

Love animals? Then you could hire yourself out as a pet sitter. Whether you do it privately or use a site such as, you can make some extra income by looking after pets in your home, or in somebody else’s. The owner may have gone away on holiday so your service may be cheaper than hiring a kennel facility, or they may be at work, requiring somebody to regularly feed and walk their dog.

Alternatively, there may be some dog owners in your local neighborhood, so hire yourself out as a dog walker. Just don’t forget the poop scoop bags!


Prefer kids to animals? Advertise yourself on or to family and friends as a childminder. You may be a lifesaver for working parents who struggle to pick their kids up from school, and you can even make a profitable business for yourself and set up your very own playgroup service at home. Of course, you will need to childproof your home, but if you already have kids, then you have probably done that already.

Over to you

We hope those ideas have been helpful, so if you are looking for extra cash, what are you waiting for?

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