Mail From Heaven

Once a month, my kids receive something very special in the mail. Each one of them receives a Highlights magazine, geared toward their age group. My grandmother began subscribing to Highlights for B when he was in preschool, and it's something he has looked forward to receiving every month ever since. Baby S receives a toddler version of Highlights, called Hello magazine, featuring reinforced pages that can't be ripped apart. S very much loves her little magazines, filled with stories, games, songs, etc. Since they're so thin, they're perfect for us to take along with us everywhere we go.

What makes this mail for the kids so special? Well, G.G. (as they loving called my Gram) passed away last December after a long, brave fight against lymphoma. She was 79, and I was devastated when she died. B also took his G.G.'s passing very hard, as they had formed a very special bond. The month after she died, I cried the day the mail carrier dropped off the Highlights magazines, knowing that they'd still be coming for the kids for another year, as Gram had renewed their subscription a month or so before she passed away. One of the very last text messages that I sent to my Gram before she passed as a picture of Baby S, reading her Hello magazine and that photo made her so happy.

When I called B into the living room to tell him that his Highlights magazine had arrived, he ran to me, looking confused. 'Did G.G. send this to me from heaven?' he asked. I hugged him tightly, and with tears in my eyes I answered, 'I think she did.' 

Sacha and I have already talked about keeping up the magazine subscriptions for the kids. They know that the magazines are a gift to them from their G.G., and they love getting their 'mail from heaven.' We're glad to see that her act of love spans from earth to heaven and that it's helping to keep her memory alive in the eyes of our children. She was an amazing lady and is greatly missed.

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