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Keep Those Back to School Germs at Bay with Purell

Thank you to Purell for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

My son heads back to school next week (where did the summer go?), and we're all excited for the new school year to begin. B goes to a small, private school, and unless there's a big increase in new students, there is typically one class per grade level. This means that B will pretty much be with all of the same kids that he was with last year, and we won't have to deal with him being exposed to a new group of people. Baby S is starting Day School in September, and she's never been exposed to groups of other children, so I imagine she'll wind up fighting colds a good bit this school year.

One of the ways we try to keep the germs away is by washing our hands (a lot), and by using hand sanitizing products from Purell. Purell products are on every class supply list this year, and it's sort of a no-brainer. It's perfect for teachers to have on their desks, or to be able to squirt into a child's hands after they've sneezed, etc. We've kept Purell products in our home since B was a baby. I remember having it out in the open when he was a newborn and asking people to sanitize their hands when they came over to see him. 

This year, we've stocked up on Purell products to help keep our family protected against illness causing germs.

Hand sanitizing wipes are perfect for use on Baby S!

The Purell hand sanitizing wipes are awesome! When Baby S gets into to things or makes a mess, these wipes are perfect for sanitizing her hands. If you've ever tried to hold a squirming toddler over the sink to wash their hands with soap and water, you know what a challenge that can be. Purell makes it easier than ever to keep their hands clean with these handy wipes. We have already put this pack of wipes into our day pack/diaper bag, and we take them with us wherever we go. They're also great for sanitizing tables, cleaning seats, etc.

 The travel hand sanitizers are perfect to take with you- wherever you go!

B loves the little Purell travel hand sanitizers. He actually passed them out to every member of the family. He was excited to add one to his backpack for school. I keep one in my purse at all times. Hubby keeps one in the car, and we keep an extra one in the diaper bag.

 Other fabulous hand sanitizing products by Purell...

We keep a variety of Purell Hand Sanitizers in our home. We love the Purell Advanced in the pump bottle. We keep that one in our kitchen, so everyone knows where it is. We also keep Purell with Aloe around for those times when we're dealing with sensitive skin. I hope to put together a couple of Back to School baskets for B's new teachers this year, and you can bet that I'll be including some Purell products for them!

Want them? Get them!

Head to Purell to grab a $1.00 off coupon. of  Purell's Healthy Soap. Teachers can check out the Hand Hygiene Education Tools by Purell. Look for Purell products at participating retailers. Connect with Purell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a great school year!

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