For Explosive Family Game Night Fun, Check Out Boom Blast Stix! #MBPSummerFun

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Now that summer is setling down and school has started, we're getting back to basics as a family. What I mean by 'back to basics,' is no screen time after dinner, and more focused attention from me and my husband on making sure we have family time on the nights that we're both home with the kids. On Friday nights, we like to stay in and make our own pizzas and then enjoy family game night. Family game night was a family tradition for my family when I was growing up. I loved it- it was one of the only nights of the week that we were all home together and we had such fun laughing as we snacked and played games. Being able to share a similar tradition with my hubby and kids gives me all the feels!

Moose Toys knows a thing or two about family fun. The well-known and well-loved toy company exists to make children happy. The team has innovation in their DNA and are famous for the design, development and manufacture of award winning toys that continue to disrupt the market! We're always excited about trying out fun new games, and were really excited to get our hands on Boom Blast Stix! This suspense-filled game is perfect for 2+ players, ages 6 & up.

 This fun new game just hit stores a few weeks ago and is already a huge winner among the games in our home!

Everything you need to play Boom Blast Stix is included in the game cylinder. The lid is removable, and serves as the playing base. You can use the base alone, or use it on top of the cylinder- it's up to you as to how you want to play the game.

 Lock the triangular game pieces together and carefully stack them on the base, but watch out- they might just pop up!

Boom Blast Stix comes with several triangular pieces that have to be 'locked' into place. The ends simply slide into place and 'lock' closed. Once the pieces are locked, have fun taking turns with the other players to carefully stack the game pieces on the red base. See how many you can stack before a game piece pops open and causes an explosion of pieces!

 Here's a closer look at the game pieces and how they lock into place.

We sat down as a family to play Boom Blast Stix and had such a 'blast' with it! We all took turns placing our pieces onto the base, and laughed our heads off as we watched the stacked pieces explode and fly all over the living room! B watched us as we carefully contemplated where we would lay our pieces on the stack in place. One wrong move could end the game! I was cautious as I placed my pieces and actually ducked for cover once or twice, anticipating that the pieces would fly all over the place. It was so much fun! We did have to keep Baby S out of the line of fire, though she wanted to play this with us so badly.

Boom Blast Stix for the win on family game night!

This game is so much fun for all ages (6 and up). We've enjoyed it so much, that we plan on taking it with us to an upcoming family gathering so we can play it with our extended family. We think they're going to love it! We can't wait to see their faces when their stix boom blast before their eyes!

Lock your stix
Stack your stix...
...but don't boom blast your stix!

Want it? Get it!

Head over to Boom Blast Stix to learn more about this fun game, and where you can find it near you! You can also find it at Toys R Us, Amazon, Target, and Walmart. The game retails for just $14.99 and makes a great gift. 

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Special thanks to Moose Toys for allowing us to experience a fun family game night with Boom Blast Stix!

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