Five for Friday- Five Destinations We Wish Were Part of our Summer Vacation

The other day we figured out we had just about 20 days left of summer vacation. Yesterday, we received an e-mail from the school regarding the upcoming Back to School Ice Cream Social. Every year, as summer is winding down and back to school approaches, I look back and wish we took more trips and enjoyed the freedom of the summer season more. This year, I am feeling a little more down than usual, probably because of the lack of traveling.

I've been thinking, a lot, of places we've been to over the years, and places we've never been, but would love to visit.  The list is a long one, so instead I'll share my list of 5 destinations I really wish we could have visited this summer:

1. Florida. This is always going to be the place I want to be, unless I am already there! We have family and friends there and we just love the atmosphere. You know the feeling when you are ready for vacation to end? I have never felt like that when we are visiting Florida, not once! 

2. Upstate New York, specifically Aunt June's place. Aunt June is Matt's great Aunt and one of my most favorite people on the planet. I love trips up to "the farm", it's quiet and just offers a whole different vibe. Plus, Aunt June and the gang (most of her adult children and their own kids live in their own homes on the property) are just so great to be around. 

3. Strasburg Rail Road- We went once when D was just about 2 years old. We've been meaning to head back with both girls, but so far R hasn't seen this place in person. A picture from our visit, nearly 8 years ago, popped up recently in my "memories" on Facebook, and I've been thinking of the railroad pretty much non-stop since then. 

Image result

4. San Juan, Puerto Rico- Matt and I were gifted a cruise for our honeymoon, many years ago. One of the stops was San Juan and we loved exploring the area. I'd love to go back, as a family, and get to spend more than just a few hours. 

The majestic Sleeping Beauty Castle, the centerpiece of Disneyland Park

5. Disneyland- We've been to Disney World already, and I've already mentioned how much we LOVE Florida, but we've never been to California, which means we've never been to Disneyland. I'd like to visit California, for so many reasons, but the biggest one (for me) is to check out Disneyland and see the first Disney theme park. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

What destinations are on your "wish we got to visit" list? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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