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I was provided with an Applebee's gift card to facilitate this post. All thoughts shared are my own.

After a very busy summer, my family is settling back into a 'normal' routine. We're getting ready to head back to school next week, and making the most of these last few days of summer vacation. With our days filled with activities and excitement, the last thing I want to do is cook. It's rare that we eat dinner out, unless we're crunched for time or we have a special reason to celebrate. When we do decide to eat out, we tend to stick with visiting our favorite restaurants. One of our favorite restaurants for family dining is Applebee's. When my family moved to the city we live in almost twenty years ago, Applebee's was one of the only 'big restaurants' in town. I can't help but smile as I think back on all of the times I've eaten there...

after football games with friends when I was in high school, dinner before heading to the movies with an old boyfriend, gal pal lunch dates, family night out, and so on. I have a lot of fun memories tied to Applebee's and have always loved their food and friendly service, not to mention the fun atmosphere of their dining room.

Baby S and Poppa Rob at our local Applebee's, excited to enjoy a tasty family meal!

Applebee's is still a family favorite, and I still smile when I head there with my own kids! They have a great menu selection, and the service is always fast and friendly. Applebee's is excited to share their new TOPPED and LOADED menu, offering delicious toppings to favorite entrees like steak and chicken.

We recently had cause for celebration in our family, and decided to take the whole family to Applebee's so we could check out the new TOPPED & LOADED Menu.

The Topped & Loaded Menu at Applebee's allows you to customize your entree with a topper of your choice!

In a world where you can customize just about everything, Applebee's is giving their diners the chance to customize their entrees! 

The Topped & Loaded Menu at Applebee's gives you three meat options to choose from: Chicken Breast, Bone-In Pork Chop or Top Sirloin. Once you've selected your meat, select one of the available toppers: Marinara Mozzarella Stick Topper, Bacon Beer Cheese Topper or Cajun Shrimp Topper.
Next, pick any two sides to complete your meal: Garlic Green Beans with Bacon, Classic Fries, Steamed Broccoli, Garlic Mashed Potatoes.
For one price (starting at $10.99), you'll get your meat of choice, topper of choice, and two sides!

 While we waited for our food to arrived, B enjoyed checking out the fun apps and games available at the table.

After our order was taken by our awesome server, we were excited to kick back and relax as we enjoyed conversation. It's always a bit chaotic when we dine out as a family, so being able to spend that time talking and laughing is so precious to us. We usually treat ourselves to an appetizer when the whole family goes out to eat together, so we picked Applebee's Spinach Artichoke Dip, served with tortilla chips.

 Spinach Artichoke Dip Appetizer at Applebee's- a family favorite!

Our appetizer was gobbled right up- it was so delicious! Even Baby S ate the dip right up, as she loves spinach and artichokes. Our son B wasn't a fan of the dip, but he sure did enjoy those warm tortilla chips! Just to mention, Applebee's has amazing appetizers. It's hard to pick just one, but luckily, Applebee's has an appetizer sampler that allows you to choose up to three apps for $12.99, and you can add on more apps for an additional fee per appetizer.

The star of the show- Topped & Loaded Chicken with Marinara Mozzarella Sticks Topper

After an active morning with the kids, I was definitely ready to dig into my topped and loaded meal at Applebee's. For my meal, I chose the chicken breast with the marinara mozzarella sticks topper. Big surprise that I chose to stay true to my Italian roots. My chicken was tender and juicy, and topped with mozzarella cheese stick halves, savory marinara sauce, and more cheese! There's no such thing as too much cheese, in my opinion. I opted for the garlicky green beans and garlic mashed potatoes as my two sides. The green beans we tender, yet still a bit crisp, just the way I like them. The garlic and bacon added incredible flavor. The mashed potatoes were out of this world delicious! They were creamy, and garlicky... just like my grandmother's.

 Hubby's entree choice: Sirloin Steak with Beer Cheese Topper, with Steamed Broccoli and Garlic Mashed Potatoes!

My husband isn't usually a fan of toppers or sauces. He's pretty cut and dry when it comes to his food- he likes everything plain. When he saw the option to add a beer cheese topper to his steak, however, he was intrigued. He loves steak, and loves beer cheese... the result... pure deliciousness! He loved the creamy beer cheese topper and thought it added a whole new depth of flavors to his steak. He asked for a rare steak, and that's exactly what he received, along with freshly steamed broccoli, and those yummy mashed potatoes.

Neither one of us got to try the pork chop (our location was fresh out of pork the day we visited), but we both agreed that we can't wait to go back to Applebee's to try a topper on the bone-in pork chop!

The rest of our family loved their Applebee's entrees, too...

My mom loved her meal choice of the Caprese Mozzarella Chicken.

The Caprese Mozzarella Chicken was also delicious! I tried a bite and will look forward to ordering it for myself another time. Grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, tomato, red onion, basil, and balsamic glaze. Served with garlic mashed potatoes. This is such a fresh, healthy option!

 My Dad stuck with an Applebee's classic and one of his favorites- the Riblets Basket!

The riblets at Applebee's are so good! I have had them many times, and I have always enjoyed them. His ribs were served with fries, which were enjoyed by everyone at the table. The world-famous Riblets are infused with Applewood smoked flavor and basted with your choice of sauce. Served with fries and cole slaw.

 For the kiddies... a delicious Chicken Mac & Cheese with Apple Dippers + Yogurt

Applebee's has lots of great meal options for the kids, too! They have two different menus to choose from, depending on how hungry your kids are! Our two shared the Chicken Mac & Cheese and chose the apple slices with a yogurt dip as their side. This was a large portion for just one child, so it was the perfect meal for the two of them to share, and it saved us a few dollars, as well.

When we were finished with our meal, we checked in with our kind server, and she helped us box up our leftovers to take home. When it was time to pay the bill, it was easy to do that right from the small screen set up at our table.

We're already planning our next family night out at Applebee's, and can't wait to switch up the proteins and toppers from the topped and loaded menu! My mouth is watering just thinking about my choices!

Want to experience the new Topped & Loaded Menu at Applebee's?

Plan a visit to dine at your local Applebee's! Find the nearest Applebee's on the Applebee's website. Don't have time to dine-in? You can still enjoy all of Applebee's delicious meal options through their Carside to Go service! Place your Applebee's order online, and then just pick it up at the restaurant when it's ready. Get $5.00 off your first Applebee's online or mobile app order over $25.00- just use the code 50OFF25 at checkout. Join the Applebee's E-Club for exclusive rewards!

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Special thanks to Applebee's for hosting our family and allowing me to share about their new topped & loaded menu.

Which Topped & Loaded Entree would you most like to try at Applebee's? Give us a clue in the comments...

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