Do It for You

As we become wives and mothers, we can sometimes forget to do things for ourselves.  We forget to put on our makeup and we struggle with making the day to day decisions that will impact not only ourselves but those that we care for.  The one thing we should not forget is that we are someone other than mom, wife, or any other title.  We are women.  We are individuals and we have interests and hobbies that do not have to stop when we take on our titles.  There are things you need to do for you. 
What do you like to do?

For the last 7 years, I have taken on the task of going to college to earn a degree.  It has fulfilled me, inspired me, and has given me a drive I never knew I had.  I graduate next week and find myself almost lost with that comes next.  I have decided today that I would like to join as a volunteer for The American Red Cross and also get back to my passion for writing. 

Today I ask you to take a step back and remember what you loved doing before you were a mom, a wife, or maybe even just an adult.  What makes you feel alive? What makes you- you

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