Change the Way You Define Yourself: Monday Motivation

Sometimes, we are our own biggest critic. We are quick to pick out our shortcomings, and even identify ourselves with them; "I can't make friends easily, I'm too shy", "I can't run a business, I don't have enough focus", "I wouldn't be a good athlete, I am not strong enough". 

The picture above is of a shirt (I bought one for each of my daughters) that R wore to soccer practice the other day. I loved it when I saw it at the store, but when she was wearing it, it just kept catching my attention.  I kept thinking of some of the adjectives I use to describe myself that I should "cross out". These are adjectives that I would not want my daughters to use when describing themselves, so I am retiring them from my own use when describing myself. 

I want to address whatever shortcomings I have and just let them go. I don't need to hold onto them so that they are such a large part of who I identify as. I can cross them out and put the focus on my strengths.  I want to encourage you to do the same. Change the way you define yourself and watch how your world changes!


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