Celebrate National Coast Guard Day with New Coast Guard Inspired Sets from LEGO

National Coast Guard Day is coming up this Friday, August 4th, and The LEGO Group has announced an entire new lineup of Coast Guard inspired sets to help celebrate the 227th birthday of the beloved military branch (started by “Founding Father” and now Broadway favorite Alexander Hamilton). The five new sets, which made their debut on August 1st, include fun maritime items like a sea plane, speedboat, Coast Guard ship, helicopters, and even wildlife like sharks and octopi!

Check out the cool new LEGO sets...

The full line-up for the Coast Guard inspired sets include:
1) Coast Guard Starter Set (76 pieces; Ages 5+)
2) Sea Plane Rescue (141 pieces; Ages 5+)
3)  4x4 Response Unit (347 pieces; Ages 5+)
4) Heavy-duty Rescue Helicopter (415 pieces; Ages 6+)
5) Coast Guard Headquarters (792 pieces; Ages 6+)

My LEGO-loving guys can't wait to get their hands on these new LEGO sets! I think a trip to our local LEGO store may be in order this weekend.

For more info or to purchase these awesome sets, visit LEGO.com.

Which Coast Guard Inspired LEGO set is your favorite?

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