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Thank you to Boys Town Press for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

Book obsessed. It's a pretty accurate description of me and it looks like the girls will follow suit. No matter how many times I've said that we don't need anymore books in the house, I cannot seem to make myself believe it. We still shop all the book fairs, all of the "Friends of the Library" book sales, and regularly borrow books from our local library.

We also get to review many great books for Mommy's Block Party. We recently got to work with Boys Town Press, a publishing company that produces resources for parents, educators, and other youth-serving professionals. The company will be releasing a few children's books this fall, each helping to build concrete skills and work on issues that many of our kids face. Of course, I swooned over all of the titles, but to avoid being greedy (and to save some room on at least one book shelf) I selected a single book from the list to review.

Hey Goose! What's Your Excuse?  is a sweet story written and illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin. The reader is introduced to Boone, a gosling who feels safe and comfortable in his own small corner of the pond. One day, his Mom and siblings leave for the other shore, but Boone stays put, worried that the water might be too cold and deep or that the other shore may be too muddy. 
After a while, Boone notices that his family is having some great fun on the other shore. Soon, his curiosity grows bigger than his fears and he paddles away from his "comfort zone" to see what new and exciting things are happening on the new shore. 

Since D is starting 5th grade this year (last year at her current school) and R is starting Kindergarten, both girls will likely be facing opportunities that have them going outside of their comfort zone. Even though the book is meant for younger children, I think we all appreciated the message that "leaving your comfort zone can lead to new and exciting things". 

Want It? Get It! 

I would definitely recommend Hey Goose! What's Your Excuse?  to any young person facing a change that leads to stepping outside of their comfort zone. It would be great gift for child preparing to become an older sibling, starting a new school, or moving to a new house. Visit Boys Town Press today to add this book (as well as other great resources) to your wishlist and be sure to visit again this September to grab your copy! 

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review "Hey Goose! What's Your Excuse?". This is my author/illustrator debut and Boone is very close to my heart. I am hosting a Giveaway through Instagram - 1 winner will be randomly chosen on 9/8 to win a signed print and other Boone goodies. To enter visit below:

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