7 Ways To Beat Those Post Vacation Blues

Believe it or not, summer is almost over. Sorry, but it’s true. We are well into the month of August, and for many of us, the remainder of our vacation time will be spoiled by the thought of having to return to reality. So whether you have been basking on the beaches of a tropical island or enjoying a sightseeing journey in a far away country, your vacation time will soon come to a close. Depressing isn’t it, but sadly not every day is a holiday. For most of us at least.

You may have had some fantastic experiences over the summer, and your everyday lifestyle just isn’t the same. The kids go back to school, you go back to work, the weather changes for the worse, and another bill pops through the door to remind you of the hole in your pocket after your hols. However, don’t let depression set in. As you dream about your next holiday, here are some ways you can get out of your post-vacation blues.

Treat yourself

Assuming you have some money left after your holiday, buy yourself something to keep the holiday spirit alive, such as these ladies dresses, which, according to the website at least, are designed to ‘make every day feel like vacation.’ Alternatively, there may be something you have been looking to spend some money on for awhile, so treat yourself to something that will bring a little bit of joy into your life and lift you out of the low moods you are feeling.

Take some day trips

We often feel restless after a vacation, and you may not know what to do with yourself before work starts. Therefore, get out of the house and take some day trips to places near you. Hopefully, the sun will still be shining for a few weeks more, so make the most of the lovely weather and make the most of your time before life returns to normal.

Get active

You may be feeling reinvigorated after your vacation, so don’t let your new found energy disappear. Make an effort to stay active, such as walking or taking a yoga class. Exercise is a proven way to battle depression anyway so you will be doing both your body and mind a favor when you resolve to work out more. Besides, you may have spent the summer eating all kinds of delicacies or binging on ice cream, so it's possible you are need in of a weight loss program to kick start the new season.

Makeover your house

Your home just isn’t the same as the fancy hotel you may have been staying in over the summer, so it will likely frustrate you when you return through the front door. You don’t need to perform a major makeover of your home, but there are small changes you can make. Perhaps alter the layout of each room a little bit, or add some new furniture or a lick of paint here and there. Add some of the ornaments you may have bought on holiday, and enjoy the memories of your vacation while relaxing in an uplifted home environment.

Begin a new hobby

Perhaps you have been inspired during your time away. You may have eaten new foods and experienced different customs. Your holiday may have been active, giving you the opportunity to try new sports or activities. Don’t let your experiences go to waste. As you settle back into life, continue those holiday experiences with a new hobby. Take a cooking class, join your local leisure center, or take a language course to prepare yourself for your next holiday. Sometimes, we can feel exhilarated by new experiences when we are away, but there’s no reason why you can’t have those same feelings when your local area may have much to offer.

Plan your next holiday

You may have returned from vacation, but keep the holiday dream alive. Start planning now and you can get excited all over again. You may even get some great deals by planning early, so head online and see what there is to offer.


Finally, take the time to unwind. While we have advocated the benefits of exercise and new hobbies in your downtime, many people prefer to relax and chill in the run up to work starting again. Whatever you enjoy, spend time doing it, and sleep off that jet lag. Going back to work can be stressful, but taking the opportunity to rest and renewing your body and mind will make the return that much easier.

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