When the World Tells You that You Can't...

When I was in junior high school, I carpooled to school with a girl in my neighborhood. Our moms were friends from church, and it was a great way to for them to help each other out and save money on gas. As we chatted on our way to school one morning, we talked about our hopes and dreams. When I was a little girl, I had big dreams. Most of them revolved around singing or acting. I was never one to be shy when it came to singing or speaking in font of people. It seemed as natural as breathing.
My carpool buddy told me that she hoped to one day be a nurse or to do something that helped people. I, in turn, told her that I wasn't sure what I would do, but I knew that one day I'd find my voice singing on the radio or see myself on television. I knew that someway, somehow, God had a plan for me to reach people.

I was excited for my neighbor- her dream seemed attaintable, and I wasn't sure if mine would be. After she heard my dream, she laughed in my face and said, 'You'll never be on TV or radio- you're not good enough!' Her words were so piercing to my soul when I heard them... not good enough. Maybe she was right, but I never let that stop me from going for my personal goals, be they career goals or otherwise.

I never said that I intended to make a career out of singing. I wanted to write music, and wanted to record an album, knowing full well that I'd probably never be 'discovered' and never have a record deal or contract. With my dad's help, and the help of many generous donors, that dream became a reality ten years ago. I have been able to share my music locally, made it available on iTunes, and such, and yes- have had my songs played on various radio stations. I've shared my music in my own community, and I know that those songs have made an impact on the lives of others. When God begins a good work in you- he can and will complete it in His time. I still continue to share by leading worship- there is always a song in my heart, and a story ready to leave my lips.

Leading worship with amazing musicians and friends. My heart lies here. It brings me such great joy.

I've loved writing since I was a small girl. In high school, I started to focus on writing more and more, and knew that I wanted a career in writing- somehow. I didn't want to be a journalist, I didn't want to teach English- I just wanted to write. Mommy's Block Party was born out of my love for writing- my passion for sharing. God fills my head and my heart with stories and ideas, and the best way for me to do what I am most passionate about and reach other people, is to write it all down and put it out there. Is it scary? Absolutely. I open my heart, and allow myself to become extremely transparent and vulnerable... and it's scary, but it's also exciting.

Six years after starting a blog as a hobby, the words shared here reach over 50,000 people. Was it my dream to become a blogger or an influencer? Not really- that wasn't even a thing all those years ago. I never sought out an opportunity to appear on live TV- that opportunity presented itself to me (and has three times more). For me, it's never about recognition. It's fun to share accomplishments with the people you know are rooting for you, and it can be validating to receive those 'way to go' comments. I know, however, in my heart of hearts that each little opportunity to share is a stepping stone which will lead to something greater. When I say something greater, I don't mean something that's greater for my own sake, but for the cause of Christ.

My buddy and me, before heading into the studio at WBTV, Charlotte.

It's fun to be on TV, and I would do it again and again- maybe one day I'll get to host my own segment! It was one of my dreams to write, to sing, and be on television, and because I have kept the faith, believed in myself, and prayed fervently over my business, giving glory to God in all things, all of these things have come to pass.

What's in store for me in the future? I can't say that I know. I do have other goals to tackle, including becoming a published author (outside of digital publications), and publishing a piece on Huff Post. The book thing could happen sooner than later- an opportunity has presente itself, and it's something that I am praying about. Huff Post might seem silly, but it's just one of those things that I want to do.

The world has tried to tell me that I can't do these things more than one time in my life... but when the world tells me that I can't, there is the one who goes before, walks beside, and shelters behind, reminding me that I CAN. Yes, I can... and friends, so can you. Believe it- believe in yourself, and go after those goals.

Get on out there and (in the words of Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec) 'Do your dreams.'

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  1. Ondria, You are so special. You have stuck to your dreams and all of he steps along the way have led to your dreams. Your faith has made you strong. Love, Vernon


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