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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Party Weekend Number 2

Happy Saturday! As usual, I'm really glad that the weekend is here. The last few days have been really hectic and scary and I am ready to get together with some loved ones and just catch my breath and sanity. Today, we are getting together with Matt's family for his parents' annual anniversary party. I love these parties because they are a great opportunity to visit with family members that we don't get to see too often. It's also really great to celebrate Matt's  parents and their long-lasting love for one another. I've lost count of exactly how many years they've been married, but I do know it's been over 40 years!

The Girls Driving Around the Yard During Grandma and Grandpa's Anniversary Party Last Year

I'm also really looking forward to tomorrow, because we get to go visit my Gram. One of the scary parts of my week is that my Gram was in a pretty bad car accident. Her car was totaled, but thank God she wasn't! After spending a few days at the hospital for observation, she was able to come home last night. The girls are really excited to see her too. They love their "spaghetti Grandma"
(they started calling her that because she always makes spaghetti for them when we visit and they love it) and were so worried for her. They didn't get to visit with her in the hospital and are looking forward to seeing for themselves that she is (mostly) okay. 

The Girls with Their "Spaghetti Grandma" 

I hope you enjoy a stress-free weekend! 

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