Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Let's Play!

Happy Saturday! This weekend the Wigglesworth crew is going to focus on playing some board games and maybe some old fashioned hide and seek. I've noticed that we've all been spending a bit too much time on devices this past week, and it is definitely taking a toll.

We Need More of This 

Both of the girls have tablets. This week, I've been a little lax in how long they are able to stay on their devices, and their behavior was not so great. They weren't being your typical "bratty" child, but they were not paying as much attention when someone was talking to them, they ate and instead of cleaning up went right back to their tablet, and other things like that. Basically, spending too much time on their tablets had them acting kind of like zombies.

 Matt and I have decided that this weekend will be filled with game playing and a few adventures, but no devices. We recently received some great games from Peaceable Kingdom, so today we'll be checking those out. I'm sure the girls will be asking for their tablets, repeatedly, but I'm pretty stubborn, so I think we'll make it through. Maybe with some tears, but we'll make it. 

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