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Sweet Nothings

Without fail there are two things that will always make me smile or feel safe.  The hug from my son or the one from my husband.  This week has been emotionally overwhelming for my family, with my Grandmother getting into a car accident and my youngest nephew having a health scare.  Reflecting on this past week is enough to make me need a break from everything and everyone, but I know I would miss out on way too much.

If this week has taught me anything.... it is that life is too short.  You need to say what you mean and mean what you say because tomorrow is never promised.  So I ask you this... what is the one thing you love to hear?  What are your sweet nothings?  Is it a song? Is it a phrase?  Is it a single word?  What makes it sweet?  

My Ethanisms:  I nicknamed all the funny or sweet things my son has said throughout his life and save them in a book for him so he knows that I was always listening even when I may have been too busy.  My favorite: "I'm not a con-artist Mommy.  I'm a little boy."  He was 3 and was being scolded for throwing a tantrum with his fake little crocodile tears.  I looked at him and told him he was a little con-artist. 

My hubbyisms: I am nicknaming the sweet things my husband has said throughout our life together so we can always remember how we felt on a specific day.  
My favorite:  Good morning Angel, I love you.  I get this message every day in a text message after our morning telephone date as we travel to work.  With both of us having an hour commute in the opposite direction we still make time to date even if we aren't together. 

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Sleep Tight with Sweet Night!

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