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Relive Your Childhood with the Nick Box from Culture Fly

Thanks to Culture Fly for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

When I was growing up, Nickelodeon was just sort of coming onto the scene. I distinctly remember watching favorite shows like Rugrats, Doug, Clarissa Explains It All, Salute Your Shorts, among others. There were also shows that my sister and I were not allowed to watch- including Ren and Stimpy. As we grew older, we were allowed to watch some of those shows that were banned when we were younger, and we spent many Saturday nights waiting for new episodes of our favorite Nick shows.

One of the things that's really fun for me as a parent, is to share some of the things I loved when growing up, with my own kids. It's almost painful to think that it was 20+ years ago that I was enjoying some of these Nickelodeon shows! My six-year-old had no previous knowledge of any of the old Nick shows, except for Rugrats, and he was in for a big surprise with a special delivery from Culture Fly!

Culture Fly partners with best in class brands to bring you never before pop culture experiences delivered directly to your doorstep. They take pride in designing and developing limited edition collectibles that can never be found in retail. When you subscribe to Culture Fly, you join a family and a community of fans that are accustom to receiving the question, “where in the heck did you buy that?!". Come join Culture Fly where Pop Culture captivates, and Fans come to Engage.

We received our very first Nick Box and couldn't wait to see what was inside.

I was actually intrigued by this box. I wanted to see which characters and shows would be represented and hoped that some of my favorites would be included. B was crazy excited to see what was in the box. He's just coming out of the Nick Jr. era, and he's getting into some of the newer Nick shows. He was curious to see what types of shows his mom and dad watched growing up.

We received the Nick Toons Rewind Box- currently sold out, but the new Nick Summer Block Party Box will be shipping late July. Each Nick Box is filled with $100.00 worth of cool product!

Our very colorful Nick Box was stuffed with awesomeness!

Check out all of the loot that came in the Nick Tunes Rewind Box!

As we sorted through the items from the box, B was quick to ask which shows certain products were from. We had fun products from Hey! Arnold, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, Ah! Real Monsters, The Wild Thornberries, and more!

B was most excited about the Hey! Arnold heart shaped plush pillow and the Heff blanket from Rocko's Modern Life.

I remember watching Rocko, and finding it pretty funny. To see Heffer on a fuzzy blanket makes me smile. B has enjoyed curling up with this blanket, and it's become the official travel blanket for our summer trips because it's just so soft and comfy. The Hey! Arnold heart shaped plush pillow is super cute, too. B loves to cuddle with plush anything and everything... he was excited to add it to his plush collection.

 A replica of Rocko's shirt from Rocko's Modern Life!

The Rocko polo shirt made me laugh out loud! It looks exactly like Rocko's polo shirt from the cartoon. It's really sized for an adult (this is an adult XS)- and scary that my six year old can almost wear it. I'll save this shirt for B, and he can grow into it. It'll be fun for him to wear later on, or to save for a Halloween costume!

 These Rocko socks are silly, too!

So, B actually loves to collect all different types of socks- long socks, fuzzy socks, character socks, etc. My hubby could wear these socks, but I have a feeling that B will want to hold onto them for Silly Sock Day at school. If you have a sock lover in your life or a Rocko fan- these are for you!

 Nick Sandwich Keeper- perfect for the upcoming school season!

I have really tried my best to cut down on sending so many plastic baggies to school with B in his lunch box. We started using sandwich keepers last year, and B is happy to have this fun one to add to his collection. His goal is to have a different one for every day of the week. It's perfect for keeping his sandwiches from getting squished!

 Remember these guys?

I was sure that I wouldn't like AAAhh! Real Monsters when it debuted on Nickelodeon, but guess what... I somehow got suckered into watching it, and found myself enjoying it! B thinks monsters are cool, thanks to reading him mythology books for kids. These are actually decals that can be used on just about any surface. I don't want this plastered on the walls in our house, but I did give B the okay to use it on his lot bed in his bedroom. He's had fun decorating with his new monster pals.

 Ren and Stimpy Pin Set

I wasn't allowed to watch this show, and I'm not about to let B discover it... but it sure brought back memories of me and my sister trying to watch the show without getting caught! The pins are really fun, and I love that they included a Log pin, wearing a tux and holding a martini! A log after my own heart!

 Sticker sheets- fun for projects!

B is a collector of stickers, so he was pleased to find Rocket Power, The Wild Thornberries, Angry Beavers, and CatDog sticker sheets in our Nick Box. He does like The Wild Thornberrys and thinks the Rocket Power kids look super cool. The stickers are great for his art projects. I can't wait to see how he decides to use them.

And my favorite star of Rocko's Modern Life- Filbert!

All I can say is that this singing Filbert collectible is hilarious and it really made me smile. I am actually keeping this one on my desk, where I can see it. B loves to play with it, so I guess I can share, but this one is just for me!

Here's a recap of what was in the Nick Toons Rewind Box...

Thought we were done with Nicktoons? 
Let’s be real, we can’t possibly fit all the classics into one box.

Remember the good ole days when monsters went to school and cats and dogs spoke English? Well, we do too, which is why we created the Nicktoons Rewind box. Like all of our boxes, this box is filled with limited-edition items exclusively designed with Nick-lovers like you in mind. The nostalgia is real. See it for yourself: 
“Filb” Vinyl Figure: So you can do a duet with Filburt.
Tommy’s Ball: Get it before Angelica does!
Ren & Stimpy Enamel Pin Set: You might not want to pin them next to each other...
Rocko Cosplay Set: Rocko of Rocko’s Modern Life, a modern day fashion icon.
Powdered Toastman Sandwich Container: “Leave your lunch to me!”
Heffer Blanket: Perfect for any cow potato.
Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters Vinyl Decal: Protect your bumper with these scary guys.
Arnold Locket Plush:  Shhhhh! Arnold doesn’t know about this.
Nicktoons Stickers: Stick these Nick characters to add to all your favorite devices.

It's easy to sign up and get your Nick fix from Nick Box!

It's just $49.99 per box + S/H

Recurring Quarterly plan ships 4 boxes to you every year (one box every 3 months). Your payment method will automatically be billed every quarter

Head on over to Culture Fly to check out the Nick Box and to sign up for your subscription today!

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Special thanks to Culture Fly for allowing us to check out the Nick Box! Look for another Culture Fly review soon on Mommy's Block Party!

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