My Little Piece of Texas

I overcame my fear of flying the 2nd to last weekend of June.  I went to see two people get married in Texas.  It is so beautiful there and I wanted to share my trip with you.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a fear of heights so flying was not a priority on my bucket list.  The best man at my wedding found the love of his life and was fortunate enough to have friends down in Texas offering their home for the ceremony and reception.

So I put on my big brave girl face and attitude and went on my first of four airplane rides to see him get married.  Not always the optimist, I figured if I was going down in an airplane I was going to take pictures from the window seat and make it a true experience.

I have to say the view was stunning, even if my stomach was in knots and I was nervous.  I am glad to say my husband's arm is recovering quite nicely from my death grip with fingernail marks.

After landing we saw so many sites: The Riverwalk and the Mexican Border to name a few.

San Fernando Cathedral

The Start of the Riverwalk

Texas is beautiful and has such a rich culture of people.  The architecture is my favorite.  If you have never been I recommend it.


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