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Moving Hacks To Save Your Life

I've moved probably 7 times in 5 years. Therefore, I've become really, really good at it (and never, ever want to move again). Over the years, I've acquired some must-know moving tips and tricks to save you time, frustration, and effort. Here's how to make moving a breeze!


Seriously, take this time to get rid of anything you haven't touched in the past year. You don't need it and you certainly don't want to move it. Donate or sell anything you don't need.

2. Make sure your new home is stocked with the essentials before any heavy labor begins

This means toilet paper, garbage bags, paper towels, and plenty of bottled water for you, your family, and your moving crew.

3. Pack your clothes in a garbage bag still on the hanger

Make a hole in the bottom, tie the drawstrings up at the bottom. Just hang them up in your new closet and take off the bag. Boom - done.

4.Label and compartmentalize

Immediately take labeled boxes to the rooms they go in. This way, you have an easier time deciding what is most important and can unpack as needed for however long it takes.

5. Pack heavy things like books and shoes in a rolling suitcase

Genius, and it probably took me 4 times moving to learn this.

6. Store necklaces around a straw

They won't get all tangled up, saving you time and hassle.

7. Pack a "first night" bag

You won't be digging to find clothes for the next day, essential toiletry items, etc.

8. Set up and make the bed first thing

You'll be exhausted by the end of the day and you'll want to be able to just fall into bed - Not still have a bed to make. Same goes for the shower! Get your curtain up and shampoos nested away - you'll be sweaty, too!

9. Move pets last or board them overnight, if possible

Moving is stressful for all and scary for pets. If possible, keep furry friends out of the way and bring them to the new home when it smells as much like "their stuff" as it can.

10. Feed your crew

We are entirely too broke to hire a professional moving company - If you're like me, hopefully, you have some good friends with trucks and strong muscles! Don't forget to say thanks by paying them in pizza and beer. 


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