Motivational Monday - Struggling Has An Expiration Date

I am in a season of struggle. I have been struggling emotionally, mentally, and financially. I also happen to be in a season of my life where I feel like I am supposed to feel on top of the world: I am recently engaged and a brand new homeowner. I should be thrilled to be settled in our beautiful new home and planning our gorgeous autumn vineyard wedding. And yet, I am filled with anxiety and panic at every turn. I have a lot of new challenges to take on in this next step of my life. For someone that does not handle change well, this poses a dilemma. 

How ironic that in the throes of an anxiety attack about just general adulting, I come to you with a Motivational Monday post. However, I found this quote to be helpful. This season of my life, and yours too, has an expiration date. Things always do seem to have a way of working out, even if not the way you expected them to. Trust the process. A little adulting never killed anyone. 

Happy Monday, everyone. Let's make this week a great one! Hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth! 


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