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Just Because He's Old, Doesn't Mean You Have To Buy Him Something Boring

Who was it that first equated being old with getting boring gifts? Whoever it was certainly made a mistake. Nothing is boring about the gifts you can buy.

Get Him Into Healthy Eating

Older people are forever worried about their blood pressure and cholesterol, and many are on beta-blockers and statins to manage their risk factors. As a result, a lot of men in mid-life and beyond want to eat better but aren’t sure how. Fortunately, there is a whole wave of new food-box ordering companies: companies that ask for a subscription and, in return, send out healthy food boxes every couple of days, complete with recipes and all the ingredients needed to rustle up a healthy meal. It’s a fantastic idea and one that is helping lots of people get healthy, quick.

Get Him Into Wearables

Wearables are all the rage right now among the “younger generation,” but that doesn’t mean that they’re not suitable for older folks too.

The vast majority of wearables out on the market at the moment are designed to help people get fit and work up a sweat. They track everything, from how far you’ve traveled to your heart rate. Some are even getting blood sugar sensors attached to monitor blood sugar spikes throughout the day. If your man is interested in keeping fit, try getting him a wearable he can use next time he goes out for exercise.

Buy His DNA Sequence

The cost of DNA sequencing has plummeted over the last 10 years or so. In fact, the price decline has been so dramatic, it’s passed many people by. Back in 2004, it cost over $100 million to sequence a human genome, but today, it’s less than $1000. What’s more, many companies are offering DNA sequencing services for a fraction of the price, sequencing only the parts of the genome they know are important.

The most common application of DNA sequencing on the market today is to provide information about a person’s ancestry. In other words, which parts of the world does their genetic information come from. Many people who think that they have a particular ethnicity are often surprised to find out just how varied their ancestors were. What an incredible gift to give to somebody you love.

Buy Him A Local Experience

You know what they say: spend your money on experiences instead of “stuff.” Well, if that’s the case, then why not buy the man in your life an experience he’ll never forget? It could be anything, from whitewater rafting to going on a guided hiking trip. Just make sure it’s an adventure, full of new experiences.

Beer Making Kits

The rise of craft beers recently has been nothing short of astounding. The market has grown from practically nothing into something which is now a dominant force. Does your man want to get involved with this beer revolution? Then get him a beer-making kit, something which will allow him to indulge his passions and find out more about where his favorite drink comes from.

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