Getting Back To Yourself After An Illness: A Guide For Warrior Women

Sometimes life won’t just throw you lemons; it’ll chuck them at you at full force. When you’ve been struck with a long term or chronic illness, it can seem like getting back to your pre-sickness self is impossible. However, there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel, and over time you’ll be able to enjoy your life just as much as you did in the past. The following are some tips and advice for those who a recovering after a battle with the health, and some ideas to give your confidence a boost for the future.

What’s In Your Head

One of the toughest battles you’ll fight after surviving cancer or an autoimmune disease diagnosis is the one going on in your mind. Your life will have taken a turn in an unexpected (and unwanted) direction, which can be challenging to deal with. Therefore, it’s important that you seek the right help and are able to regularly express your thoughts and feelings about your previous or current situation to a professional counselor, and close friends and family.

Often, the best way to process traumatic and difficult situations is to say them out loud; you’ll also receive reassurance and advice to help you progress and move forward with confidence. By discussing your problems, you’ll come out the other end a lot stronger, and will be able to take on whatever family life has to throw at you next.

Your Body Confidence

Part of regaining your inner, mental strength, will be to begin feeling confident in your appearance again. It’s worth looking into what’s available for those who are rebuilding their lives, either online or in stores. If you’ve had a mastectomy; look into investing in a breast form that will help you to feel like yourself in your clothes again. Or, perhaps you’ve lost hair due to your treatments, in which case; there are plenty of wig and extension options out there. It’s really about treating yourself and ensuring that you feel confident when you leave the house.

Take the time and invest in some serious pampering; visit a salon for regular massages, facials, and manicures, as they’ll be the sort of treatments that you’ll enjoy and will help you to get a new lease of life. A new wardrobe and a night or two out never hurt anyone; so celebrate your road to better health with a shopping spree and booking a dinner with your partner or family and friends.

Feeling Your Best On The Inside

You’ll want to couple how good you look on the outside, by feeling as fit and healthy as possible on the inside. Therefore, it’s worth taking some time to look at your diet and incorporating foods that will nourish you and lead you back to full health. You don’t need to deny yourself your favorite treats (you deserve them); just make sure that you’re enriching your meals with plenty of delicious, colorful, and natural food. Plenty of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, is a great way to continue feeling better; both inside and out.

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