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Get Your Kids to Explore Their World with the Animal Jam Box from Culture Fly!

Thank you to Culture Fly for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared are my own.

What's the perfect way to keep your kids entertained this summer? You can spend a ton of money planning day trips, vacations, or staycations, but eventually, you'll find yourselves home again and the kids will be uttering their two favorite words... 'I'm bored!' For our family, indoor space is limited, and I protest playing outside when it's 95 degrees. We're having our own fun, trying to come up with ways to stay cool and to get creative. Our favorite new game to play? 'What's in the box?'

Culture Fly partners with best in class brands to bring you never before pop culture experiences delivered directly to your doorstep. They take pride in designing and developing limited edition collectibles that can never be found in retail. When you subscribe to Culture Fly, you join a family and a community of fans that are accustom to receiving the question, “where in the heck did you buy that?!". Come join Culture Fly where Pop Culture captivates, and Fans come to Engage.

Culture Fly curates awesomely cool themed boxes. Our first box from Culture Fly just happened to be their Animal Jam box. What is Animal Jam? Calling all Jammers! The Animal Jam Box is quarterly subscription box service that brings your adventures in Jamaa into real life! Each box features an assortment of exclusive Animal Jam apparel, accessories, activities, collectibles, and in-game items not available anywhere else. 

 This cool kid is so excited to see what's inside of the Animal Jam Box!

B was super intrigued by the Animal Jam Box. He wasn't familiar with Animal Jam, and was excited to discover something new. The box arrived right before we left for our Florida vacation, so he couldn't wait to see if there was anything included in the box that would be awesome for us to bring on our trip.

So cool! The Animal Jam Box was jam packed full of awesomeness!

Included in the quarterly Animal Jam Box were six unique Animal Jam products, including activities and apparel!

We were pretty impressed by the Animal Jam Box. It was bright and colorful, and was filled to the brim with fun stuff for us to check out. A lot of subscription boxes that we have checked out in the past have been filled with junky stuff, which has left us disappointed. These are quality products that we would actually purchase in stores, if they were available in stores.

The best product in the box, as far as B was concerned, were these cool golden binoculars!

Each Animal Jam Box comes with an exclusive in-game gift! Enter your code at animaljam.com/redeem to see what your jam-tastic gift is! The golden binoculars just might be waiting for you! The binoculars have the Animal Jam logo on them and are so much fun to play with. B was determined to bring them along on our 10 hour drive to Florida. They provided a lot of fun and entertainment along the way. He's also been exploring around the house and yard with them. Bird watching is a favorite activity of ours in the summertime, and these are perfect for spotting our fine feathered friends and getting a better view.

Golden Binoculars- so much fun!

We also received a kit to build our own birdfeeder.

We are so excited to build the birdfeeder! We have been itching for projects to keep us busy during these long summer days in between our trips, and we can't wait to build the bird feeder and place it in our yard! It's awesome that the Animal Jam Box encourages kids of all ages to discover, learn, and explore their surroundings.

 A Birds & Butterflies Book/Journal was also included in the box. Baby S loves looking the the colorful pages.

I enjoy gardening, and love taking care of the birds, bees, and butterflies. B has been helping me tend the flowerbeds and our garden since he was just a little guy. Baby S also loves to help water the flowers and watch the birds. This colorful book is informative and fun for the kiddos, as well as me. We have enjoyed reading about all types of birds and learning about butterflies, too. This encourages us to get outside early in the day and take care of these precious creatures of the earth.

A fun collectible- a Toucan charm!

Each box fom Animal Jam comes with a collectible charm. These are so cute! You can add them to a necklace or bracelet, or even add it to a lunchbox or backpack. B said that he would 'let' his sister have this charm, so I have stashed in her jewelry box, so she can enjoy it when she's a bit older. We can't wait to see which charm comes in the next box!

A colorful Animal Jam unbrella also came in the spring Animal Jam Box.

Okay, B has been obsessed with this umbrella! Seriously- the umbrella goes everywhere we go. It came with us to Florida, has been to LEGOLAND and Disney World, has been on each and every walk around the neighborhood, and has saved us from being totally drenched a time or two already. Needless to say, B and his affinity for the Animal Jam umbrella have saved our butts a few times already.

A fun surprise for mommy!

B was excited to see that there was also an Animal Jam shirt included in the spring box. The shirt, however, was an adult shirt. It fit me perfectly, so I proudly wore it in the car on our way to Florida. It kept me warm while my hubby froze me out while blasting the a/c. Of course, I will happily share the shirt with B as he grows (inches by the day!). It won't be long before he's tall enough to wear it.

We loved our first experience with Culture Fly and the Animal Jam Box!  
You can get your hands on a box, too! Here's how it works...

Step 1: Select your plan
Jammers can sign up for the quarterly plan, or save money by pre-paying for the annual plan, each guarantees you 4 exclusive and limited edition Animal Jam boxes within the first year!

Step 2: They fill your box
Every AJ Box is delivered with mystery exclusive limited edition Jammer products and game codes to unlock!

Step 3: Delivered Seasonally
Every subscriber receives a new Animal Jam box every 3 months! You’ll receive e-mail information with tracking and every box is guaranteed to deliver to your doorstep.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Culture Fly to check out the Animal Jam Box and to sign up for your subsciption.

$25.00/box + $6.00 S/H


Our recurring Quarterly plan ships 4 boxes to you every year (one box every 3 months). Your payment method will automatically billed every quarter.
*Per 1 box. US shipping only. International shipping rates and customs fees apply.

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Special thanks to Culture Fly for allowing us to check out the Animal Jam Box! Look for another Culture Fly review soon on Mommy's Block Party!

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