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This has been one incredibly hot summer! We have hit triple digits with the temperatures lately, and we are struggling to stay occupied indoors without going stir crazy. It's still four weeks until school starts, and chomping at the bit to get outside and play in the fresh air on the days where it's cool enough for us to actually do so (few and far between this time of year). One of the ways we're enjoying a bit of the outdoors when we're stuck inside this summer is with some fun lawn and garden toys from TOMY.

TOMY's mission is to make the world smile. They offer a wide range of innovative, high-quality toys and nursery products that kids love and parents ask for by name. TOMY never takes for granted the role their products play in the lives of children and families. They want to earn your trust and loyalty by manufacturing high-quality products that deliver safety, value, and a little TOMY magic. 

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My kiddos went bananas for the John Deere Lawn & Garden Set from TOMY!

My sweet littles have farmer's blood running through their veins. My grandparents were farmers, and my mom grew up on their almost 100 acres of farmland with her siblings in Missouri. I loved visiting their farm as a child and enjoyed being able to help with the harvests and enjoying the fruits of my grandfather's labor at the kitchen table. To this day, I love to garden and try to keep my kids engaged by teaching them about gardening, and taking care of the earth, all the while teaching them about their grandparents and the hard work it took to maintain the farm.

Let's find out what this thing does, mommy!

The John Deere Lawn and Garden Set is perfect for ages 18 mo+. The set features a toy trimmer (or weed wacker), a mini rake, and a garden spade/shovel. The little garden tools are perfect for the tiniest gardeners! Baby S couldn't wait to play with them. She has already discovered how much fun it is to dig in the dirt and the sand, and she's definitely like her momma in that way. These tools fit perfectly into her hands and are easy for her to grasp and hold onto.

Double the fun- these toy garden tools are perfect for the sandbox!

On cooler days, we head outside in the morning, taking in the fun of the backyard. The kids love to play in the sandbox and quickly discovered that the John Deere Lawn & Garden Set tools were perfect for digging and sifting through the sand. B showed Baby S how to use the shovel to fill the sand bucket, and then the two of them took turns using both of the tools. They had so much fun playing in the sandbox with the new garden tools that I was able to sit and relax, watching them enjoy themselves.

Big bro B powers up the John Deere Trimmer for his baby sister.

The John Deere toy Trimmer is so much fun, and is the perfect outdoor toy for toddlers! Our kids love to watch their dad cut the grass and trim the weeds away, and now they can get in on the action, too! With this toy trimmer, the kiddos can pretend to help their dad whack away those weeds. The trimmer is easy to pick up and carry around the yard, and can even be enjoyed indoors. Just pull the cord to 'power up' the trimmer, and then press the button for the weed whacking action! Watch the colorful beads spin around the clear window on the trimmer and listen to the trimming sounds as they whirl around.

The John Deere Lawn and Garden Set (trimmer) in action!

This fun set is helping to keep my kids active this summer, as we enjoy those long days of summer vacation at home. It's also helping me to teach them about what it means to help out around the house, by keeping our property tidy, helping to beautify the flower beds, and of course- keep those weeds trimmed! My kiddos are 15 months and 6 years old, and they both enjoy playing with this set. It's the perfect gift to help little one enjoy these last days of summer!

Lawn & Garden Set Details

Kids love to role-play right alongside mom and dad. With the John Deere power weed trimmer and garden tools, everyone can pitch in on the yard work. Simply pull on the trimmer’s retractable cord a few times to power up, then press the button for weed clipping action. No batteries required. This set also includes a bonus garden rack and shovel, perfectly sized for little ones to beautify the flowers or help in the family garden. Ages 18 months +.
 Produced by TOMY and officially licensed by John Deere.

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to TOMY to browse even more John Deere licensed toys and other amazing brands! There are so many ways to play this summer with TOMY toys! Connect with TOMY on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Special thanks to TOMY for allowing us to share about their super fun John Deere Lawn & Garden Set this summer! Look for it in our 2017 Summer Fun Guide!

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