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Finding Adventures in Your Home State

The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Steamboat Company's "Park City Ferry".

This summer has been full of craziness for the Wigglesworth crew. We knew earlier in the year that we wouldn't be able to do too much traveling, so we have been trying to focus on what we can do around Connecticut. 

I have lived in Connecticut my entire life and have apparently not appreciated it nearly enough, because I have been finding great adventures in places I have not even heard of until this summer. For instance, in Bridgeport, Connecticut there is The Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry. I have been obsessing over making plans to take the girls on a ferry ride to Long Island Sound. While some of the trip would be outside of our home state, the adventure will start and end here. I am not only looking forward to some breathtaking views, but also watching how the girls will react.

These 2 are so grateful for everything and we love surprising them with new adventures and watching as they experience it. 

I am so glad that there are plenty of adventures for families to be had, right here in Connecticut. After 2 really scary incidents with some family members earlier this month, if I had been anywhere else it would have been more difficult to handle everything. 

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