Chicken Meatballs #tastytuesday

These Chicken Meatballs are a new recipe for me and they are so easy to make and very tasty.  I have made about 300 of them in the past couple of weeks.  Aiden has a friend who has many allergies and can't eat a lot of things.  He has been spending the night at his house a lot this summer and Chicken Meatballs in their "go to" food and they always have it stoked in their fridge.  Aiden has fallen in love with them and asked me to ask his friends mom to make him some.  I didn't ask her to make them but I did get her recipe and Aiden says mine pass.  So, this will be something we will probably have to also stock in our fridge.  He has been eating them at least once a day.  I can't wait for you to get the recipe and try these at home. 

I lucked out on some chicken that had been marked down.  

I had trouble locating this in the store.  It was in the produce section cooler and needs to be refrigerated.

You can use plain or Italian bread crumbs.

Aiden loves to crack eggs, so he was glad that these have eggs in them.

Just use a dash of this, unless you want spicy chicken meatballs.  I used too much the first time and it was too spicy for me. 

I used this type cheese the first time but bought mozzarella chunk and grated myself for the other recipes

You can also use almond milk.  I did with my 2nd recipe and could not tell any difference. 

Ketchup is good with anything!  This is a staple in our house. 

Everything in the bowl and ready to be mixed together. 

Not too appetizing at this point:)

Quickly brown each side.

Place on baking sheet.  I have tried several ways to grease and cover before cooking but they continue to stick .  These are headed into the oven.  The first picture are the chicken meatballs cooked and ready to eat!

Chicken Meatballs

1 lb. Ground Chicken
Crushed Red Pepper to taste (or barely any, if I am making them since Aiden thought they got spicy)
1/4 cup dried parsley 
1/4 cup bread crumbs
3/4 cups Italian blend grated cheese
1 tbs. milk
1 tbs ketchup
2 eggs, lightly beaten

Mix all ingredients together and form into balls.  Brown each side lightly in frying pan (I forgot this step when I made them the 2nd time and they were fine).  Place on baking sheet and bake 40-45 mins at 375. 

I'd love to know if you give these a try and what you think of them.  I have made them 2 times and Aiden asks for them every day!  

Happy Tuesday!  Have a great day!

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