A-Mezzanine Tips For Mezzanine Decor

There are lots of ways people try and create more space in their home, and one not-so-common method is to create a mezzanine. These are floors that are used to divide up a very tall room. By adding a mezzanine, the homeowner is effectively adding an extra open-plan floor to their home. These are usually found in studio apartments, where the owner has wanted to create an extra bedroom space.

If you move into a new home with a mezzanine, you might be a bit confused as to what to do with it. Sure, it’s a practical use of space, but they aren’t the easiest areas to decorate. That’s because it needs its own distinct style while also blending into the room right below it. Get the decor right, and you will create an amazing area that will really add something to your home. However, get it wrong, and you might not use it as much as you had hoped. Your mezzanine might end up completely forgotten about!

Don’t panic, though - decorating a functional and gorgeous mezzanine isn’t too tricky. Here are some tips to help you get the space just right!

Plan The Decor Well

Decorating a mezzanine takes a bit more planning than just thinking about the type of paint and wallpaper you are going to use. As this room is partially visible from the downstairs area, you need to consider how this will affect your design. When it comes to most mezzanines, the back wall is often the most visible. So, you might want to turn this into an attractive accent wall. Plus, you also need to think about how you are going to decorate the half wall. Some people use wooden paneling on theirs, just because it’s easier than balancing on a ladder to try and paint the front of it!


Set Its Function

Most people add a mezzanine floor to their studio apartment so that they create an extra space for a bedroom. That way, they aren’t living in just one room! Alternatively, people who already have a separate bedroom in their home often use their mezzanine space as a home office so that they can work out of the way of their family. However you want to use this new space, you need to know what its function will be before you start to make it. That way, you can be sure that you aren’t just creating a new space that will go to waste! It will also help you create a decor and design that will help the space be even more functional.


Go With The Flow

Usually, most people want their mezzanine to blend in with the room below it. It’s easy to do this. You should carry on colors and style that are used on the ground below. That’s because the mezzanine is open plan, and a flowing design will help it to blend in with the room as a whole. However, you should be careful that you still give the mezzanine a slightly distinctive decor - it is its own room after all! For instance, you might want to go slightly more eclectic up in the mezzanine as this will greatly emphasize your unique tastes!

Think About Warmth And Comfort

As a mezzanine floor is open plan, you will need to think about how you are going to secure its comfort. Adding plenty of reputable bedding brands that feature quality assured features, like Confidence in Textiles - The OkeoTex Certification, to your bed linen can keep you snug in the night. Using lots of fabrics in the overall decor too can create a very warm atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to replace any hard, wooden flooring with soft carpets as these will keep your feet warm if you ever need to get out of bed in the middle of the night!


Think About Light

Sometimes, mezzanines can be quite dark and dingy. This is often because the person who created it didn’t consider how they would fill it with natural light before they started. As a result, they probably didn’t add any new windows. If your home has this kind of dimly mezzanine, don’t fret! There are some ways you can be creative with light. Firstly, add lots of lamps rather than one main central light fixture. This will spread the light around the room. Adding strategically placed mirrors on the downstairs floor can also reflect more light up into the mezzanine!

See, mezzanine decor doesn’t have to be too difficult! How would you go about decorating your space?

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