5 Tips To Keep You Motivated & Make Working Out at Home Successful

When you’re a busy mom, it can be hard to find time to get out to the gym. You might be a single mom so literally can’t get there unless it has a creche. You might not be able to justify the expense of a gym, and don’t see the appeal in going running every night. But exercising is important, especially to keep up with your active kiddos, right? So for many moms, working out at home is the only option there is. But it can be hard to make it work. So here are some tips to make sure that you stick to a workout regimen, and have that much needed time to yourself.

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Get Rid of Distractions

When you’re at home, you might be about to start a workout, but there are dishes that need to be cleaned or laundry that needs to be sorted. You need to quickly deal with those things or know that you will just deal with them later. Don’t let yourself get distracted or the workouts are never going to happen.

Schedule It In

Like most things in a busy mom’s life, it needs to be scheduled in in order for it to happen. It shows that you’re making it a priority and you’re less likely to do something in its place if there is already a workout scheduled in the diary already. Plans are much more likely to be achieved when they’re written down, so get involved and get it written down.

Find Something You Enjoy

In order to stick at something, you need to be able to enjoy it. No point forcing yourself to go jogging if you absolutely hate it. When you enjoy something, you’re going to stick at it. And this is your free time, so don’t make yourself do any exercise that you’re not 100% comfortable with. There are plenty of routines online you could follow, as well as exercise programs to follow like BBG, for example. What is the BBG workout and what it's all about? If you’re looking for some relatively short exercises to do three times a week, then this, along with healthy eating, could help you get back your pre-baby body so it could be worth a try.

Get a Good Soundtrack

The time that you take to exercise is your time to relax and unwind. So it makes sense to have some motivation, in the form of music, to keep you going. Choose a good exercise soundtrack on something like Spotify, unless you have some favorite songs that you love to play. It will keep you motivated and spur you on.


Get the Right Equipment

While you need very little to be able to workout from home, having a few pieces of equipment can mean you can challenge yourself and see some real changes. A yoga mat is an inexpensive item to buy, as well as something like a resistance band. If you’re going to splash out, then adjustable free weights is a good investment and will take up much less space than getting a range of weighted dumbbells.

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