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Showing Appreciation for Your Spouse- Date Day

We sit together as a family every night and go over our days, but sometimes we need that extra time with just the two of us.  Chris and I have taken to having date nights just so we can catch up with each other and not have to worry about little ears that seem to hear everything.

We go hiking together because it allows us to exercise and also spend uninterrupted time just being off the grid: no answering phone calls, no texting, and no negativity. Don't forget the needed essentials for your hike, like good trekking poles.

We take pictures of the beautiful things we see in the world.  Everyone has a different take on beauty and you learn more about your spouse during these outings.

We love free things to do and it helps to have fantastic friends who will score you tickets to your all time favorite band... When your husband sits next to you, even though he is not a fan just to see the happiness on your face.  Mind you this was my very first concert and hey it's Bon Jovi.

Sometimes we need to spend that alone time to realize that we are more than just parents and the people in charge of finances.  We need to unwind and sometimes the best way to do that is with the person you feel safest with.

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  1. A Wonderful Idea to have some extra Special time with your Spouse. That will keep your Marriage Strong! Along with alot of Family time & Keeping God in Your Life ....


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