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Keep the Smells of Summer at Bay with Odor Neutralizers from EnviroKlenz!

 This is a sponsored story on behalf of EnviroKlenz. I received compensation and product in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. All thought are my own.

It's summertime, and my kids are home, which means that my house is almost always dirty! I love my two kiddos, but they're messy, and track in all kinds of dirt and debris from outside. We try to spend as much time outdoors as possible, and it just can't be helped when the outdoors comes back inside on our shoes, bare feet, clothing, hands, etc. It's not always easy to stay on top of the dirt in the home when you have two adorable little mess-makers with you. I strive for a clean and fresh-smelling house every day, but it's nearly impossible to keep it so without having to continually sweep, dust, and pick things up off the floor.

Lucky for me, I have a few home products that I swear by. These simple tricks help me to keep my house clean, smelling fresh and make it easier than ever for those last minute spruce-ups, or tackling those bound to happen accidents!

Tackle the smells of summer with Odor Neutralizing Granules from EnviroKlenz. My kids love to run and play outside, until they're all hot and sweaty, and then they come inside, requesting a cold glass of milk. I know better- I should not give them milk. Milk doesn't mix well with sweaty kids and 'summertime bellies.' I don't want to listen to their whining, however, so I give in and hand over their milk cups. My six-year-old chugs the milk. Moments later, his tummy hurts, and within seconds, he has ralphed all over the couch and the carpet. My 14-mo-old has (in the meantime) managed to get the lid off of her baby proof sippy cup, and dump her milk all over the carpet, on the opposite side of the room. Chunky milk vomit and sour milk are not scents that you want to be locked into your area rug or carpet. What's a mom to do?

Just sprinkle the granules over the area you need to clean and let them go to work!

No need to panic. The Odor Neutralizing Granules work wonders for soaking up liquids, stopping smells, and neutralizing odors. Little kid vomit is gross, and my rugs and furniture have seen their fair share of it. I wish I'd known about this product when B was a baby- he was the king of untimely throwing up. I like to call this product my magic sprinkles. It's so easy to use- just sprinkle the granules over the area that needs to be cleaned up, and let it work its magic.

I was so impressed with how quickly the granules worked to neutralize and stop the yucky odor that came from this little incident. Best of all- there's no perfume or masking agent. My kids and I can't stand to be around a lot of odor neutralizing products, because they make our noses go haywire. This product is safe to use, and works fast! It's my go-to, and I try to make sure I always know where this is. Accidents do happen, and when my little man isn't feeling well, I go ahead and get this product ready, in case he is sick, and just can't make it to the bathroom. It's definitely a time and sanity saver, and a rug saver, as well. It won't be long before Baby S starts potty training, and I'll have a whole other reason to use and love this product!

Take a closer look at the EnviroKlenze Absorbent Neutralizer

What about smelly hands? How do you deal with that? I recently went to a choir rehearsal, and realized that my hands still smelled of the onion that I had peeled a couple of hours before- even after scrubbing my hands with scented soap. I love to garden, and my kiddos love to help me out there. We enjoy bringing our produce into the kitchen and preparing it for meals. My son loves to help peel onions and garlic, and even like to help me strip the herbs. We don't want to smell like onion, garlic, and rosemary all day, though.

The EnviroKlenz Hand Soap is a must-have for every cook or gardener!

My go-to soap is now the EnviroKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer. It works wonders to get the bad smells out of our skin. I pick up scents on my skin when I work outside, or have been cooking with strongly fragrant foods. My husband does contract work on home remodels and does a lot of painting in the summertime when he isn't teaching, so he often smells like paint when he comes home at the end of the day.

Just a little bit of soap does the trick!

The handsoap is pretty thin, and you may wind up thinking that you need to use a lot of it, but trust me- a little bit will get the job done. The soap simply cleans and deodorizes your hands, leaving them feeling soft, and smelling clean. To use the soap, put a small amount in your hand, rub hands together, and then rinse away with warm water. Now, I'll tell you this- I have tried those bars that claim to remove odors from hands, and have never found them to actually work. This soap works! I also use this after those really yucky diaper changes, or after taking out the trash. Who knew a tiny bottle could be so powerful?

Other great ways to keep your home smelling fresh...
Use an opened box of baking soda in the fridge or pantry.
Make a quick household cleaner with baking soda, dawn, and vinegar.
Add indoor plants to clean the air in your home.
Use an air purifier to cut back on dust.
Open the windows and air the house out.

Get the kids in on the spring/summer cleaning...
Let them help with the dusting! Place an old sock or microfiber mitt over their hand, and let them have fun dusting.
Get a mini broom and dustpan, and let them help sweep areas they can safely get to.
Let them help load child safe dishes into the dishwasher, or let them help you put those away.
Let them help water the plants.
Give them small tasks they can do every day, like make their beds.

It's never too early to teach kids good housekeeping skills, and form healthy habits for life. My parents had me doing chores at home when I was a kid, and I am so glad that they did- it has made me a clean and well-organized adult.

Ready to get your house in order this summer?

Look for even more great products from EnviroKlenz!

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