It Just Keeps Getting Better #WordlessWednesday

This photo was taken just last week when I was on a family vacation with my loved ones in Topsail Island Beach, NC. I'll be sharing more about our Topsail trip in a couple of weeks (it was fabulous, and Topsail is my new favorite NC beach!). As I look at the photo, all I can ask is how can life get any better than this? You know, I live with the constant 'woe is me,' feeling... always feeling like I don't have enough, I don't stack up to others, like I'm not enough. This photo reminds me that my life is beautiful, mainly because of the people in it- each one of them a gift to me.

How could I be anything less than grateful? How can I thank God enough for the wonderful blessings he has bestowed upon me? See those two kids in the photo... they're mine- they're me, and yet- they're themselves. They're adorable, mischevious, innocent, beautiful. The man beside me is my mate for life. He's been my best male friend for over fifteen years, and we've known each other more than half of our lives. My life would not be complete, and I wouldn't know the happiness I know without him. My sister and her hubs- I love them. My sister is my BFF, and I cherish every single moment that we get to spend together. She's my confidant, my shopping pal, and we're goofier than you could ever imagine when we're together. My parents are both loving, supportive, and very much a part of my life. I love them individually, and as a couple (they're celebrating 36 years of marriage, by the way!). They are the ones who taught me what love looks like.
 I never want to know a day without any of these precious people.

The second I start to feel down about a present situation, I'll instead give thanks for my wonderful life, and ask- how could it get any better than this?

Giving thanks & counting my blessings!

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