Holden Beach - Vacation Dreams

Isn’t it funny how you picture your vacation?  Sun and laughter.  Sleeping in.  Fabulous dinners.  Long walks on the beach.  That just sounds wonderful.  We are on a week vacation in Holden Beach, NC (picture above).  There are 18 of us.  8 are children.  5 are ages 5 and under.  I will let your imagination do the rest.

I was hopeful for a peaceful morning.  I even got up early to add some coffee grounds to the coffee since my mother prefers her coffee light brown.  I had almost 3 minutes of time to myself on the couch before 1, 2, 3, 4 children got up that needed juice, crackers, a diaper change, more clothes on, noses wiped, the channel changed, iPad time and blankets and pacifiers.  Mom got up – apparently, she did not think my little trick was amusing with the coffee (she drinks hers black).

Goodbye, peace-filled morning. 

I have 2 choices.  I can be frustrated and let some tears out (which I already did) – or I can take a minute to myself, drink my strong coffee for the one day it will be strong and just continue on with my day.  We celebrated Father’s Day yesterday with 5 amazing dads after a dinner that was hectic and full of screaming children.  5 dads who were there for the birth of each of these combined 12 sons and daughters.  There we sat – 4 generations together full of strong role models. 

It is a chaotic morning.  It was a chaotic night. It’s just how it is sometimes.  We can laugh at the chaos over the clinking of our wine glasses, looking out at the stars after the kids are in bed.  We can listen to stories from our fathers and grandfathers about their raising of kids “in their time.” 

I wonder if I am thankful for peace because of the chaos.  I plan to steal moments away like this during the week.  Moments where I have just a few minutes to reflect on the generations that have come before me and the generations that will come after me.  How wonderful to be a part of all of it.  I just need to remember to take a deep breath, take a minute and let the chaos come.  We’ve got this.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your post! You're right everyone needs to find a peaceful Break during Chaos. A Time to reflect on the good things & and to take a deep Breath~ :O)~~


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