Go-To Beauty Tips For Sensitive Skin

Like our hair, it can be pretty hard to figure out the best way to care for our skin. If your skin seems to freak out whenever you introduce it to a new product or scrub it a little hard, it’s important to learn how to pamper it properly and avoid various irritants that you may be commonly exposed to. Here, we’ll go over some of the best beauty tips for women with sensitive skin.

Don’t Fall for the “Hypoallergenic” Hype

You may have heard that hypoallergenic products are the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin, but this isn’t necessarily true. Remember that the term “hypoallergenic” is a relatively new one in the cosmetics industry, and there are no federal standards specifying which products can and can’t use it. This means that many products bearing this label aren’t always suitable for people with sensitive skin. While there are certainly ones that could be better for your delicate skin, don’t blindly buy into the hype surrounding this term. Look for opportunities to test products before splashing out on a bulk order.

Be Vigilant With your Moisturizer

Sensitive skin is even more vulnerable to the elements and will benefit even more from a thorough skincare schedule. Start getting into the habit of moisturizing thoroughly as part of your morning and night routines. Different products will work better for different people, so shop around before you settle on just one. Regular moisturizing will protect your skin from water loss, and keep up a strong barrier protecting you from the daily bombardment of various environmental factors, including the wind and regular air pollutants. This can go a long way in minimizing irritation to sensitive skin.

Shop for Cosmetics Wisely

Obviously, you don’t want to go around sans makeup just because your skin is a little more sensitive than most. If you haven’t already, try using mineral powder; most of these are free from artificial dyes and preservatives. Silicone foundation can also reduce your chances of any serious irritation. Various water-based sealers, such as Blue Marble Selr, can also be gentle on sensitive skin. It’s also a good idea to start using pencil, rather than liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner usually contains latex and could trigger a reaction. Waterproof mascara should also be avoided, as they usually require harsh cleansers to remove it. While some people’s skin can take more strain than others, shopping carefully for cosmetics, and learning what to stay away from, is always a smart move.

Get the Right Cleanser

People with sensitive skin need to make a point of keeping their pores and skin clear of any surface debris, by washing thoroughly twice a day. You should also be looking for a cleanser that’s made for sensitive skin, such as Cetaphil, yet isn’t so gentle that it forces you to scrub really hard to get rid of makeup and any clinging grime. Be gentle on your skin; blot drying without rubbing and then following up immediately with moisturizer to ensure you get maximum absorption.

What are your tried and true beauty tips?

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