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Food Fun: The Ultimate Breakfasts For Growing Kids

It’s vital that all parents ensure their children eat a proper meal in the morning before sending them off to school. Research shows that kids who don’t eat a decent breakfast will encounter many issues. For example, a lack of food can inhibit their concentration levels. Hunger can also make it more difficult for people to use their full brain power. With all that in mind, I’ve come up with some breakfast ideas you might like to consider. Even so, you need to ensure your child has as much variation in their diet as possible. That is why you should swap and change these ideas every day. Don’t feed your kids the same meal every morning because that’s unhealthy. 

Full English Breakfast

You should ensure your children eat a cooked breakfast at least once every week. A full English tends to contain lots of different types of meat. So, you might need to purchase sausages, bacon, gammon, or anything else your kids enjoy. Try to create a positive family mealtime by ensuring you all sit down to eat together. That will help to make the experience somewhat of a bonding experience. Of course, you can also involve your kids in the cooking process. Someone has to take control of heating up those baked beans. Also, ensure you serve a piece of toast too. That will help to guarantee your child is full and ready to face the day. 

Fruit & Nut Breakfast 

It’s important that all kids consume enough fruit while they are still growing. So, maybe you’d consider creating a fruit and nut breakfast a couple of days each week. You just need to purchase the items your kids love most. If it helps, serve them with some pancakes. Almost all children will enjoy eating strawberries and grapes at the very least. Those fruits are packed with sugar that will release into their systems slowly. That means they should get all the energy they require to get through their morning at school. You can even add some cream if you want the improve the idea. Just ensure you select low-fat alternatives to standard products. 

Porridge or Cereal Breakfast

Porridge has been a traditional breakfast for hundreds of years. However, it’s an acquired taste, and so lots of children will turn their nose up. Still, it’s something you should encourage them to eat at least once each week. Again, porridge will release energy slowly and ensure your child doesn’t become too tired at school. If they refuse to eat it because they don’t like the taste, you just need to consider an alternative. Most cereals are suitable when consumed with lots of milk. The calcium from that liquid will assist bone growth and ensure your kids have the best teeth possible. Just make sure you always read the packaging and select the healthiest brands of cereal. 

As I stated at the start of this article, the best technique is to ensure you vary your child’s diet as much as possible. So, don’t get in the habit of serving the same meal every morning. That is not a healthy choice, and it will become boring. At the end of the day, it’s hard enough to get your kids to sit down and eat in the morning without that additional issue. Just ensure you wake up an hour early, and you should have more than enough time to sort everything out. 

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