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Florida Bound- BlogHer '17 Conference & Family Fun

Look out Florida, the Witts are headed your way! I am over the moon excited to be heading to Florida this weekend. Our trip is twofold. Saturday and Sunday will be travel days. We'll stop near Savannah to spend the night on Saturday. We opted to spend the night somewhere because nine hours in the car with my Little Bean is a little bit more than I can handle. It'll be better for everyone if we drive for a few hours, take a rest, and then make the rest of the drive at our leisure on Sunday.
Our Plans...

We'll be making our very first trip to Kissimmee, Florida as a family. Kissimmee isn't far from Orlando, and we'll be staying in a condo all week. On Monday, we'll head to LEGOLAND, Florida for some fun! I know my son (B- 6 years old) can't wait to see some of his favorite LEGO characters, check out the rides, etc. I have a feeling that Baby S and I will be paling around and spending some time in the toddler play areas. We'll also visit the LEGOLAND Water Park, which will be a cool way to end a hot day.

On Tuesday, we plan to head toward Tampa Bay. We have a friend who lives there, and we're hoping to squeeze in a visit. We also want to hit the beach and check out the Manatee Viewing Center in Tampa.

Wednesday, we'll head to Walt Disney World! We've got park hopper passes, but I imagine that we'll spend the majority of our time in Magic Kingdom. Hubby hasn't been to Disney since he was a kid, and my last time there was when I was 17. It's going to be so much fun to experience Disney World as a family, and see the magic of it all through our children's eyes. I event got a new Star Wars T-Shirt for the occasion!

The whole reason we're even making the trip to Florida is so that I can attend the BlogHer '17 Conference. This is a major national conference for bloggers and content creators, being held in Orlando this year. I was able to work with SheKnows Media on a campaign, which afforded me a comped ticket to the conference... otherwise, I couldn't afford to attend. I am so excited to be heading to the conference with hundreds of other bloggers and writers.

I am a little overwhelmed by all of the conference information and the schedule. There are so many workshops and sessions to attend, all lead my fantastic experts and speakers. Chelsea Clinton will be giving the Kick-Off KeyNote Speach on Thursday evening, and then I'll have the opportunity to walk through the Expo and connect with brands and brand reps. This will be a wonderful way for my to put faces with names of reps I have worked with over the years, and to connect with new ones.

Other highlights- Chef Cat Cora, and Chef Carla Hall will both be speaking at the luncheon on Saturday, so I can't wait to hear from them. I'm going to the conference with an open mind, ready to learn. The world of blogging is so vast and ever-changing. I know this will be an incredible experience, and I will be excited to put the things I learn to good use once I return.

If you're a blogger, and you're interested in attending the conference, there's still time to get your ticket! I'll be sharing lots of live updates from Florida next week, so be sure to check out and follow MBP on social media to see where we've been, and to see highlights from the conference, as well.

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