Do You Really Need a Car? Convince Your Children to Ditch Their Vehicle

Buying a car is somewhat of a rite of passage for teenagers. Even though most of our kids don’t actually buy their own vehicle (most of it comes out of our pocket) it’s still a big turning point in their life and it helps them become a lot more independent since they can travel where they want and drive around whoever they want to. However, owning a vehicle is becoming something that is increasingly expensive, and it’s not uncommon for people to spend thousands every year just to keep their vehicles running.

Maintenance costs, parking fees, fuel economy and insurance are just some of the things you need to worry about when purchasing a vehicle, and when our children are barely old enough to drive and don’t have jobs yet, most of those payments are going to come from you. So in order to convince your child that they don’t need their own car quite yet, here are some compelling arguments that will make them think otherwise.

They can use the family car

One of the first things you should say to convince them not to buy their own vehicle is that they can use the family car. If you’re a fairly large family, then you might already have two vehicles to use. This is a great way to compromise with your children when considering a new purchase. However, they might not be too happy because your vehicle is outdated or doesn’t look as flashy as a newer vehicle. This is understandable especially if your child wants to drive it around to pick up friends to go traveling or exploring the city.

They can take public transport

If you live in a rather large city, then you can sacrifice the car in favor of public transport. If your children grew up in a city, then it’s possible they’re already used to taking buses, learning what train takes them where, and even using services like Uber and Lyft. Not only is it much more convenient to learn the public transportation system in your area, it’s also much cheaper in the long run. Buying a vehicle and maintaining it will cost far more than taking public transport for a year. You could sign up for deals from Ridester to make transportation cheaper, or you could purchase seasonal passes that make taking buses, trains and trams a lot cheaper. This isn’t really an option if you live in the countryside, however. Rural areas typically have weaker public transport, but there’s another option.

They can walk or use a bicycle

If your children want to be healthier, then convince them to use a bicycle or walk. They’re both incredibly good for your health and it also allows you to get around to places that aren’t possible with a car or even public transportation. A bike can get you around tight corners and alleys, and they can easily be locked up when not in use and they’re less likely to be vandalized or stolen with the right protection. If they want something a little more flashy, you could try and convince them to get a motorbike or even a scooter.


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